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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Although WWII finished over 70 years ago, every week we get another anti-Nazi Holocaust bullshit story.

Considering the awful torture, gassing and starvation, the number of 'Holocaust Survivors' not only live to a great old age but seem to be able to multiply in numbers, it's a fucking miracle!

Here's your weekly dose of anti-nazi (anti-white) Bullshit from the Jew owned press:

Nazis slaughtered my brother and sister with a guillotine: German woman, 93, tells how her siblings defied Hitler and were put to death for treason in 1943

It was a cold winter's day in 1943 when three students threw a pamphlet into the stairwell at Munich's Ludwig Maximillian university, the last of six they had distributed decrying Nazism.

The young activists wanted to call attention to the crimes being committed in Russia in their name - the mass shootings of Jews, the burning of villages, the barbarity of the war Hitler proclaimed to be 'without rules' in his bid to crush the Slavic 'subhumans.'

And their writings recounted the heavily suppressed story of how the Wehrmacht had been stunningly defeated at Stalingrad a month earlier - a battle which proved the turning point of the war.

But, unbeknownst to them, a janitor at the university spotted their surreptitious leaflet drop and reported them to the Gestapo, the Hitler regime's feared secret police.

Twenty-four hours later, they were under arrest and, within days Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, 24, and their friend Christoph Probst, also 24, were all beheaded for treason.

Now, 71 years later, the guillotine used to carry out the gruesome sentence has been found gathering dust in the basement of a Munich museum, triggering a debate in Germany about whether it should go on show, or remain locked out of sight forever.

For one elderly woman in particular it has pulled into sharp focus all the pain, anguish and terror she experienced over seven decades ago when her younger sister and elder brother went bravely to their deaths.

Elisabeth Hartnagel-Scholl is the last surviving sibling of Hans and Sophie Scholl, two of the young martyrs who dared to challenge the world's most sinister tyranny and paid the ultimate price in doing so.

Now a 93-year-old widow, she lives alone in Stuttgart, but she clearly remembers the day that she discovered her brother and sister had died beneath the flashing blade of the guillotine.
'Oh vey, I picked up a newspaper in a cafe where I was seated waiting for a bus,' said Elisabeth.  
'And I noticed the headline on the front page. It told me that my brother and sister had been beheaded the previous day for treason. 
'Christoph Probst, their friend, had also been executed.
'I wished there and then that I was insane so I did not have to comprehend this. I was just four days away from my own 23rd birthday and I felt that my entire world had been destroyed.'
Victim: Sophie Scholl, student at Munich University and a member of The White Rose, 
an anti-Nazi resistance movement, was found guilty for treason on April 22 1943 
and executed by guillotine on the same day

Co-conspirators in the White Rose resistance group, Sophie, Hans and Christoph died because they distributed leaflets which chronicled Nazi crimes in Russia and the stunning defeat of the Germany Sixth Army at Stalingrad the previous month - the turning point of the Second World War.

Fed with information from the battlefront in the Soviet Union by Sophie's boyfriend, career officer Fritz Hartnagel who she hoped to marry, the trio who had started off in Nazi Germany as firm supporters of the regime ended up despising it.

The leaflet they threw into the stairwell of the Ludwig Maximillian University was the last of six decrying Nazism. They were seen by the janitor, reported to the Gestapo, arrested within 24 hours, held for four days, tried by a rabid [If he had Rabies it's a wonder he was capable of doing anything, surely he'd have just bit them] Nazi judge and executed the same day.

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