The 14 Words

Monday, 6 January 2014

A Taste of What it's like under the heel of the Jew World Order. This is coming to where you live very soon.

In case you missed this program 'Benefits Street', here is a link to it (I think it is only viewable in the UK).

Note the biased anti-white Channel 4 approach. The reason our people are in this position is through Jewish enforced Multiculturalism and the Jewish Usury system. It is time to organise and fight back by any means possible or their is no future not just for our race but for every race except one of course, the enemy Jew and his band of get rich quick little helpers.

Their are plenty of Lampposts around - think about it. 88

-John Hardon


  1. Yes John, the Juden likes it's Kike and eat's it.

  2. I saw that programme - what a multicultural hell-hole! As for the Whites - what chance do they stand, unless they move out, or have strong racial beliefs? In-fact, when Neighbourhoods go diverse, like that one, then is it any wonder, that Whites can feel alienated and as a consequence - seek solace in drugs and alcohol! 14w