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Sunday, 12 January 2014

56 Israeli Ass-Kissing Senators Now Want Obama to Bomb Iran

They've signed on to the "Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013," which will give Israel lawful control of our foreign policy, regarding when to go to war. If that State of Hate, racists, bigots, mass-murderers, thieves, liars and false flag experts, Israel, attacks Iran, that act would commit the USA without letting that 'goddamn piece of paper,' the Constitution, interfere with the Wall Street banksters--mostly Jews--and the Jew, Neocon and Zionist scums unholy desire to 'Shock and Awe' Iran.

It's already been passed by the foreskin licking whores in the House by 400-20, so there's at least 20 who appear to put America first.

America, here's what you're supporting when you back that parasitic state of violent lunatics, Israel.

Hilltop Jews; Terrorists and Scumbags
They are the “Hilltop Jews” hoodlums, thugs, and scumbags. They come from Brooklyn, from Chicago, from Los Angels, from Paris and London. Criminal misfits, they immigrate to Israel and move to the Occupied West Bank, hoping to restore Jewish monarchy and practice thievery in the name of G-d.
They loot, they steal, they poison wells, kill livestock, they uproot thousand years old olive trees, and they burn fields. They have nothing to do all day but attack Palestinians villages with vengeance, destroying farms and livestock. They destroy, deface and vandalize mosques and churches.
Fuck a Duck, this non-stop Israeli war mongering needs to stop NOW. Those sleazy, back-stabbing Yid bastards need to get taught a lesson, the only lesson bullies understand and that's a good ass-kicking.

56 US Senators are now down on their knees, begging Israel to shove a hot load of diseased love into their warm and inviting mouths.

In exchange for their treachery against the Constitution, 'We the People' will get more death and destruction while we watch our fragile economy, fucked by those Jew Wall Street and Fed gangsters, completely slides into oblivion.

I sent emails to both of my Senators, one, that worthless, corrupt POS Roy Blunt, already signed on and one, McCaskill, who hadn't signed, at least then.

Here's what I sent that bottom-feeding shit eater Blunt:
Blunt--no, I won't call someone who hands over war powers to Israel, a Senator--you've signed the "Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013," which will give the nuclear-armed lunatics of Israel the decision to send America off to another war in the ME.
You have violated your oath to the Constitution and basically, are a traitor.
But you'll rake in Big Bucks for your campaign and 'expenses,' filthy lucre that only traitors can enjoy.
You are a disgrace to this country, so why not move to your true love, Israel?
If this act is passed and Israel drags us into another war, it will be time to rise up and take back our country by any means necessary, including a violent revolution. The time for writing tough sounding blogs is passed, we can wait no longer.

The Jewish question – a two thousand year old problem

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