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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Work till you drop, the Jews and their lakies in power want you to work until you are 70 and then die so that they can keep your pension that you paid into all your life

Chancellor to unveil 'fantasy land' pensions shake-up that will make under-50s work until they're SEVENTY

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George Osborne was today accused of 'living in a fantasy land' after it was revealed Britons currently in their 20s could be forced to work until their 70s.

Campaigners have accused the Chancellor of forcing millions to 'work until they drop' as he is set to announce a radical shake-up of the state pension system.

In his Autumn Statement this morning Mr Osborne will say that anyone born after 1990 will have to work for five years longer than those today before they can claim their state pension to ensure a 'fair deal for everyone'.

But the National Pensioners Convention say it is a case of politicians judging working people by their own standards.
'Politicians can work way beyond their mid-sixties and they have got a home for them called the House of Lords,' it said.
'You compare that lifestyle with people who have worked all their life doing manual labour on low pay in a care home or digging up the roads, and then ask them to keep on going. It's just not right.'
TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady added: 
'There has been no new evidence to show that people are living any longer since the last time the Chancellor increased the state pension age, yet today’s young workers are being told they must work until they drop'.
In the biggest change for a century, the age at which a person can begin to claim their state pension is to be linked directly to life expectancy. Anyone currently in their 40s or younger would be affected by the move, which will see the state pension age rise as the average person lives longer. 

Experts predict a baby girl born today, who has a one-in-2.5 chance of living until 100, may not get her state pension until the age of 77.

The move will slash Britain’s state pension bill, by an estimated £400billion over a 50-year period.

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