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Friday, 13 December 2013

Who Is In Control of the USA? How Do They Maintain Control?

Who Is In Control. How They Maintain Control.
Subtitle for Yule:

The only way to Peace On Earth and Goodwill Toward All Decent People

This historic book is 101 years old. The author exposed the national banking scheme that was about to be inflicted upon the USA. One year later, in 1913, the scheme was enacted. This book is linked on the “WhiteSchool” page.
When we know who is in control and how they maintain that control over us, then we can easily determine exactly how to defeat them.

We know already, through public documents during the last 100 years, who is in control of our country’s money supply. Control of a country’s money supply should be in the hands of an honest government of the nation, but our money supply is not. Control of money has been used to bankrupt good people, our family farmers, good business owners, etc., and to transfer that wealth to the controllers.

How do we know? We know through public documents from the archives of Congress and from our best American investigators and authors during the last 100 years up to today.

Now, we see Janet Yellin becoming the new public head of the Federal Reserve corporation, which was established by treason in Congress and president Woodrow Wilson’s signing of those “Federal Reserve” laws in December 1913. Before Yellin, Ben Shalom Bernanke has been the public head of the Federal Reserve, and he was preceded byAlan Greenspan and Paul Volcker. The heads of the most important and most heinous banks in the USA are Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase, and similar people at the others.

All of them, from Yellin to Dimon, are of one kind of people. They are not of the White race, though many of them still pretend to be Whites in public. They want Americans to think they are Whites so that Whites by default get the blame. Yellin and the rest of them are jews. This fact is easily verified. Even wikipedia, which is owned and operated by jews, admits to most of them as being jews.

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  1. Das 'Juden' Kapital. Remember earlier this year, when one Israeli government minister said, when they fire bombed those immigrant blacks? 'Israel belongs to the White man'. Filthy bastards.