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Thursday, 19 December 2013

White Military Sergeant responds to craigslist-ad for Christmas present murdered by 2-Black Suspects

Sergeant First Class Jim Vester, 32, was shot and killed Wednesday when he went to buy an iPad he saw listed on Craigslist. Now, two brothers are behind bars and police believe this wasn’t their first time setting someone up.

In a document released Monday by the Marion County Prosecutors Office, new details illustrate a crime of opportunity, and a victim who simply tried to do business with the wrong people.

According to detectives, 32-year-old Jim Vester, a husband, father and Sergeant First Class, arranged to buy an iPad he saw listed on Craigslist.

Vester called and texted the seller several times before driving into an apartment complex on the westside Wednesday afternoon.

Phone records show at 3:05 p.m., Vester texted “Can I get your address”

At 3:14, the suspects responded, “920 Wyckford Dr”

Then four minutes later, the suspects texted, “tell me wen your getting close so I can direct you.”

Then at 3:49pm Vester says, “are you here?”

The return text was immediate, “yes.”

Five minutes later Jim Vester was shot and killed.

Police spent the next day tracing phone numbers, and interviewing witnesses who gave good descriptions.

That evening, it would be a traffic stop that would put 18-year-old Tyshaune Kincade behind bars. Four cell phones were recovered from the vehicle.

A search of his mother’s house was next. She said her handgun was missing and that her sons are the only ones with access. Detectives asked to see her cell phone, which revealed her other son, 22-year-old Tryon Kincade’s phone number. That number matched the number Vester was texting with before he was killed.

Tryon and Tyshaune Kincade

Detectives say it’s also the number involved in the set up of other robberies in the area.

Both brothers have denied owning the phone, but physical evidence is enough for police to charge both Tryon and Tyshaune Kincade with two counts of murder and one count of robbery in Vester’s death. The suspects’ initial hearing was scheduled for Tuesday morning.

As for Vester’s family, a fundraising site has been started on for his wife and baby boy.

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