The 14 Words

Saturday, 14 December 2013

White Independent Nation: An Introduction


  1. Absolutely fantastic that someone (in the U.k I mean in America this kind of thing already exists I think) has actually taken the time to start an organisation dedicated to the creation of 'White homelands' within the U.K. It is, of course, absolutely fucking disgraceful that it has come to this and I believe the Political struggle (The National Front etc campaigning on national issues) must under no circumstances be abandoned. Nevertheless by deliberately creation strong white communities NOW whilst we are still the majority (although fast losing this status) we can create a cultural/economic and SPIRITUAL 'base' from which to attack the enemy and perhaps also to serve as a 'haven ' for nationalists fleeing the hell of the big cities as well as a 'deprogramming' centre where whites can be shown that, far from the unmitigated evil it is always portrayed to them as by the ZOG media, a white community , living by WHITE values, not Jewish anti-values and filth, is the most natural, strong and BEAUTIFUL thing in the world. Hail these nationalist pioneers of the future! 14/88