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Thursday, 12 December 2013

US and EU Zionists fermenting war in the Ukraine

Written by Green Arrow

The Zionists are really stirring it up in the Ukraine, where you can bet that the pro-European "protestors" are being funded by the usual suspects with the big beaks to try and force the elected President Yanukovich to resign, so they can rig the ballot and get one of their Zionist lickspittles to replace him, prior to the Ukraine being absorbed into the Jew World Order.

This is what the Zionist lickspittle leader of the traitors, Vitaly Klitschko (seen here with Jewish friends) had to say to the welcoming ears of European officials and no less than the Jewish US Assistant Secretary of StateVictoria Nuland (real surname is Nudelman), who were actively supporting the anti-democracy rebels by helping to feed them on Wednesday:

"They should be gotten rid of. The number one issue is certainly resignation of Yanukovich and the whole of his rotten government. It would be strange to hear of any compromise like “technical governments” or changes in the Constitution. All of this would be a manipulation and a game in favor of Yanukovich to help him stay in power."
Never happy unless they are formenting wars to sell weapons to whites to kill themselves, the Ukraine is yet another classic example of the Zionist US and EU interfering in the affairs of other countries and attempting illegal regime change through funding terrorists and rebels.

Legal expert, Alexander Mercouris makes a great point when he talks about the US and EU involvement with the "protestors":
"I try to imagine a situation where let’s say there was a riot or a protest in central London and let’s say somebody from a foreign country, let’s say Russia, came along and attempted to negotiate between the protesters and the government. It seems most strange to me, I have to say,"
Well it might be strange to him but not to us.

If the Rothschilds want a war, they shall have one, and we will pay for it with the remaining wealth of our nation and with the lives of our young men.


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