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Saturday, 14 December 2013


The government nonsense propaganda wagon continues to ride over us all as the hate barrage against its own citizens just gains speed daily.

The suicide rate of British but mainly American soldiers is going through the roof, and numbers of suicides are far greater than casualty figures, and like in WW II establishment infiltrators exist in all armed services whose job is to report anyone who may see the light, these men are those who usually get promotion without merit, and any potential whistleblowers are conicidentally killed in action, or like Pat Tillman killed by “friendly fire”  
In Iraq British soldiers were more afraid of US soldiers who killed more Brits than the Taliban.

Many of these men joined the army thinking America was under threat, Tony Blair told the British people that Sadam Hussain could bomb England in 45 minutes and, and that Bin Laden and Sadam Hussain had together blown up the twin towers, this meant huge numbers of British and US soldiers were sent to Iraq, and provisions and weapons arrived weeks later, now these armies were sitting ducks with no heavy weaponry and if Sadam Hussain really wanted war he could have annihilated these armies on the spot.

The British did not even have food supplies and had to beg food from the Americans, and each shipment that came in the Americans thought were weapons, were in fact load after load of oil pipeline materials, and many men realised then that they were there to guard the oil industries investments, Sadam Hussain was not worried about the allied armies because the highly regarded worlds top weapons expert Dr David Kelly had been convinced that the American and British armies were only there on exercise, when Dr Kelly complained he was duped and was fed lies by his own government MOSSAD killed him and were protected by MI5 stooges, similar to the recent Gareth Williams tragedy.

So while the public were fed wonderful stories of how the brave the Mujaheddin were in resisting the Soviets, the Americans went in and suddenly they were fighting the evil Al Qaeda and committed more atrocities there than the Soviets, miraculously Al Qaeda then became the Taliban, and under American and British governance the drug industry, banned by the Taliban flourished as never before, and CIA flights brought huge quantities to sell in both European cities and the old Soviet Block.

What was once Gt Britain was downgraded to the UK then the countries in the United Kingdom were broken up, and now England is now just EU region K and designated as a mongrel multiculturalist wasteland, EU plans exist since the mid nineties to break up England into 8 regional zones and ruled by an EU appointed political czar/police chief.

Statistics show those servicemen most likely to commit suicide are white single and in mid twenties, and counsellors tell us that the guilt and disillusionment of these men who realised they were lied to, and that 9/11 and 7/7 bombings were zio contrived events with the collusion of our own governments.

The involvement of our gullible servicemen in the wars on Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria Lebanon and Palestine has brought disgust from people countrywide, and many in uniform are refused service in pubs and shops but these men were gullible victims, any blame must lie with corrupt politicians who serve another master than their electorate.

If you know any servicemen be aware that loneliness and depression among these men is so widespread, please make sure they are not neglected this Christmas.


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