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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Topless Abortion-Demanders Attack Argentinian Cathedral

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2013

This video shows radical Antichrist feminists, apparently somehow tied to the Ukrainian group Femen, storming the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist) in Argentina.

Between the 23rd and the 25th of November, in San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina, feminist whores and sympathetic (ie castrated) males ran through the city like crazy people shouting anti-Catholic slogans before launching an attack on the church. In response to this, 1500 young Christians formed a human shield around the Cathedral to protect that sacred place from the Antichrist attackers.

What is Going On, Exactly?

These Antichrist naked feminists demanding infanticide, gay sex rights and an end to Christianity are appearing more and more across the globe. It has become rather obvious – regardless of data which may or many not confirm it – that these women are being funded by Jews, probably including, but not limited to, George Soros.

Their attacks are organized much better than any organic protests I have ever been aware of, and they are increasingly targeted at churches, which appears quite forced, given that such is universally seen as antisocial.

This is Femen: We want, like, abortion, and, um, gay sex 
and like you know freedom and stuff for the Jews.

Actual feminists: Grrrrr, give us abortions, grrrrr, need them abortions, 
stopping the patriarchy, grrrr, my eyes are up here, pig!

We see with the Ukrainian Femen activists – this all originated in the Ukraine – that most of them appear to be pulled directly out of brothels – they are good-looking, whorish girls in their early twenties. The reality is that hardcore feminists tend to be disgusting beasts, usually significantly older than these girls. It is almost unimaginable that they are not being put up to this by outside forces.

The constant attacks by topless sluts demanding more pieces of dead babies though are going to backfire. Even the most desensitized among us must feel a bit sick in watching these whores attack priests.

Femen is, I believe, the end of the line for liberalism. We have reached the saturation point.

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  1. Jews, filthy whores, gangsterism... Engineering the social world order so as to bring chaos before oppression.