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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thousands honoring the memories of the Martyrs

3.000 thousand Greeks marched yesterday to honor the two Martyrs, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis.

Their symbols are of great need and help in these tough years of terror. Slogans like "Brothers you live, you guide us" and "Manolis and Giorgos listen to us up there, your brothers here are flying their flags high" rocked the atmosphere. We will make sure that their deaths were not in vain. We will fight in their name, against the System that targeted them and against the agents that killed them, the faux-revolutionaries that sell resistance on the internet during the day and fire their guns against real revolutionary workers at night. They will give us courage for the next days, marches and struggles that are to follow, like the upcoming anti-mosque march in 14/12.

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