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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The truth movement and the only conspiracy that makes sense

The truth movement is considered to be individual researchers and activists who operate outside of the politically correct system. Goal of the truth movement is to provide the actual truth and expose lies which were declared as official by the mainstream media, therefore the truth movement is considered to be the alternative media.

The main topic in the truth movement is the New World Order agenda (shortened NWO). Those researchers who are involved in the truth movement, usually refer to themselves as "truthers" or "truth seekers" and are defamed with labels such as "conspiracy-theorists" by the forces of the NWO and the politically correct elements of the society. Actually, the truth movement isn´t a "movement", but more likely a group of various researchers with various thesis who provide different information, but since they are activists who are put on the same place ("conspiracy-theorist circle") and have the common goal, the destruction of the New World Order, they can be considered as a "movement". The term "truth" stands for the goal of providing the actual truth. Another term for truth movement is "truth seeker community". The main problem is that the truth movement doesn´t have an agreement to blame those behind the New World Order, since the truth movement is divided in various sections with various theories of the possible key persons of the NWO such as the "Globalists", "Illuminati", "Freemasons", "Satanists", "Reptilians","Space Aliens", "Nazis", "Germanic death cult", "Jesuits", etc. But fact is that the truth movement is split into two groups when it´s about the Jews. 

The one group is philo-Judaic and shifts the blame away from the Jews by claiming that the globalist elite is trying to destroy Jewry (the allegedly holocaust often used to back this claim), the other group blames the Jews as the elite of the New World Order and . Like Voltaire once said, "to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you aren´t allowed to criticize." Those New World Order "researchers" such as Alex Jones who don´t mention the Jews as the architects of the New World Order, but other globalist elite forces have the unlimited possibility to spread their thesis, but those truth seekers who prove that the New World Order is a Jew World Order, have been slandered, oppressed, persecuted, terrorized, attacked, jailed and killed, especially holocaust revisionists. Many European countries and Canada applied laws to forbid holocaust revisionism and punish revisionists

In schools and universities, pupils and students get taught about the allegedly holocaust (extermination of 6 million Jews by the Nazis). The holocaust myth is a weapon (along with the label "anti-Semite") used against those who expose and criticize the international Jewish criminal network. 

Shulamit Aloni, a former Israeli minister, admitted that it´s a trick to label people as "anti-Semitic" and to bring up the holocaust. Ian Kagedan, a Jewish supremacist of the B'nai Brith, admitted that the memory of holocaust is central to the New World Order, in order words, it´s the strongest pillar of the New World Order agenda. Any mentioning about Jews can be labelled as "anti-Semitic", even the mention of the Jewish background of a person because Jews developed a persecution complex and politically correct bigots (this includes those in the truth movement who shift the blame away from the international Jewish elite) the duty to protect the Jews. 

Organizations such as the ADL are trying to cover-up the international Jewish elite. Especially on the internet there are Jewish activists who are operating in service of the Jewish Internet Defense force and the Israeli government. Hasbara is an organization full of paid people who make pro-Zionist propaganda and attack those those who criticize Jews, Zionism and Israel on the internet. A report of the Israeli news agency "Haaretz" declared that Israel recruited and established an army of over one million internet trolls to combat anti-Zionist websites. In the Western world, any critics toward Jews or even the mentioning of Jewish power is a career suicide. 

For example Rick Sanchez who was fired from his position at CNN for saying that the mass media is controlled by Jews. Another example is the journalist Joseph Sobran who lost his position at "National Review" because of "anti-Semitism". If it´s not the Jews, then why the great endeavor to protect the Jews? 

Freemasonry is always a part of every section in the truth movement, Freemasons are either considered as the elite or the henchmen of the actual elite. Fact is that Freemasonry is based on the Kabbalah and other Jewish doctrines. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a manifested work of the international Jewish elite, explain that
 "GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery." (Protocol 4)
In the truth movement, there are special kinds of philo-Judaic shills who either blame everything on"Zionists" or "fake Jews" and shift the blame away from "true Jews", claiming Jews are victims of Zionism. Also there are shills who use the term "Jew", "Jewish" in their articles and claim at the same time it´s not the Jews, in other words, they want the international Jewish elite to look like an illusion and blame other elite forces. Why is it always the Jew that is portrayed as the (greatest) victim? Why is it we are allowed to criticize and blame everything, except Jews? It´s because the international Jewish elite is behind the New World Order conspiracy!


  1. An excellent analysis. The real problem is that as you stated, or rather, the article's writer, any professional who does mention the Jews directly, is severrly targeted or hss thier career wrecked. I don't want to fall foul of anyone, but I seriously think we shouldn't do the Jews work for them, by pushing the 'he's a Zionist' or 'he's a Jew puppet', when talking about political leaders, who obviously fall into the category of having their hands tied behind their backs. Bloggers are less of a target.


  2. I agree with the previous commentor, although it IS possible that some of these people might be ...I think it is much more likely that they are there solely because any who 'go further' are immediately 'weeded out' (after the inevitable complaints by outraged members of the Tribe/righteous Gentiles who happen to come across it). I still believe that individuals such as Icke, Jones, Richard Hall and encouraging people to see OTHER conspiracies (and thus admit the possiblity that we are being lied to into their minds) do a valuable service whether intentionally or not as they act as a kind of 'gateway' drug. Of course many of the positions they take are wrong and I am not suggesting that they are all deliberatley doing this (although reading Icke's books I do think he is far more aware of how 'Jewish' the problem is than he lets on). In any case I believe the general 'lack of unity' amongst the right and even those who are simply opposed to the status quo (i.e. the truth movement) is or could become a positive strenght by giving them MANY targets to attack we weaken their attack, of course at some point it WILL come to war and at that moment (as in Spain, read the history of the IMMENSELY fragmented spanish right in the 20's which nonethless united immediately behind the banner of Franco once it became open warfare whilst the Left squandered their initial advantage in squabbling/infighting and killing each other) we will all unite INSTINCTIVELY under a single leader. In the meantime those who are ready for the full, NS truth should work for this in the more NS movements (for me national action or the NF have the most potential here) or if they so wish, should join more 'moderate' parties (BNP and even UKIP in my opnion could be 'infiltrated' in this way) and push the NARRATIVE even further to the right. This is a preparatory period, both on an individual and a group level, for the immense struggle (caused both by the unsustainable internal decay and the looming internaional 'free for all' when America collapses) that will be OUR BEST OPPURTUNITY SINCE THE TWENTIES if we understand that the only thing that matters is RACIAL VICTORY (and thus ally with Russia etc if this is the best way to acheive this and even accept Russian rule-in place of Israeli US rule- if they allow us racial autonomy) when the time comes we must join together and do WHATEVER IT TAKES our hearts steeled by the knowledge that this will be OUR FINAL CHANCE and that, in a few days, we can 'sort out' many of the 'problems' which are currently infesting our major cities and bankrupting our nation (both financially and culturally). Rant over! and as always thank you John for taking the time to maintain this excellent NS blog hope all is good with you mate! 14/88

  3. sorry for the incomplete comment I meant to write 'Although I think it might be possible that SOME of these people are paid Intelligence 'operatives' or plants.....'