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Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Marxist 'Unite' Union is teaching Romanians and Bulgarians how to claim benefits in return for joining Union

The Unite union is offering to teach unemployed Romanians and Bulgarians how to claim benefits in Britain.

'Unite' members in Hyde Park

The organisation, Labour’s biggest donor, is courting foreigners from the two countries as part of a membership drive. It offers the advice as a reward for signing up to the union. It has even issued membership forms in Romanian and Bulgarian, despite the Government – and Labour – saying immigrants should learn English.

The unemployed are offered the chance to join the union for just 50p a week. In return, Unite says it will offer new arrivals with advice on how to maximise benefit claims.

The decision to target Romanians and Bulgarians is sure to be controversial, given public concern about the lifting of immigration controls on the two new EU countries at the end of this month. Ministers have refused to estimate how many immigrants will arrive from the two impoverished countries – but some experts believe it could run to hundreds of thousands in the coming years.

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  1. One outcome, and one outcome only... 'Fortress White Folk'. Such actions as this article implies, will result in the old left being isolated, and those simple journey men and women, who were members, having lost their jobs through cuts and immigration, will form the bedrock for a synergy of right and left en mass. Even the once apathetic and mildly unionist types, will only be able to take so much.