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Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Jew Eli Göndör: There are no Swedish people

The Jew Eli Göndör

There are no Swedes. States Jew Eli Göndör in a derisive article in Aftonbladet .

According Göndör it is a problem that there are political parties in Sweden who want to make a difference to people in the country "based on ethnicity." There are no Swedish people, he says.

Eli Göndör writes that: 
"a person shall be deemed to be Swedish, from the moment it got its Swedish citizenship. Whether a man has opinions about Swedish history, whether he is reading books or watching movies, choose's to believe in or pray's to makes no difference " 
Eli Gondor's rat faced Jewish Father, Ferenc Göndör.

This is not the first time Eli Göndör has denied Swedes existence. In 2011, he wrote on Newsmill that 
"Swedish life is always moving and thus really indefinable, because it is the result of citizens who are all individuals with different aspirations, ideas and self-images" .
Eli Göndör born in Hägerstensvägen in 1958. Is the son of "professional Holocaust denier" Ferenc Göndör (see picture above). Although Eli Göndör was born in Sweden in 1977, he moved to Israel where he did military service as a paratrooper and later gained the rank of sergeant with command authority. He is a Zionist Jew of the highest degree. Born in Sweden, but faithful to the Jewish racist state of Israel - which requires Jew genome from the mother's side to get to become citizens.

He has since 2000 been living in Sweden and has worked as a communications officer at the Swedish Israel Information Centre 2002-2006.

Watch as the rabiate Zionist Eli Göndör defends massacre in Gaza in 2009 in which Israel slaughtered 1,500 men, women and children: Here (in Swedish)


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  6. If John Hardon has the stomach and inclination, there is a photo of Ferenc Gondor's mother in: click-- The Ugly Truth, (I am being serious) 'Helmsley Trust Gives $22 Mililion to Israeli Institutions.' Bon appetit!