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Tuesday, 24 December 2013


See what evil white racism leads to ? Mass genocide! – 
School These are shoes , Often used to support the holohoax

Most whites reading this will not be able to truly grasp the situation we are in now, Most will never truly understand the gravity of the situation, Most will only see the situation on the surface, Most will only see that our cities and towns have been taken over by alien people, Most whites have a natural sense of anxiety when amongst blacks and other non-whites, This is a natural reaction , As it is a survival extinct , Every race has this, Infact all species have this , It’s what has allowed us to exist till this day. But now things have taken a major turn we no longer do we understand the importance of natures law.

Our inner subconsciousness has been consumed with self-hatred and altruism of Jews and non-whites.When we were in school our innocent eyes were exposed to what we were told was a Holocaust, A mass Genocide , Burning and gassing of Jews by people who were the same race as us, Evil racist White people! The history you were taught has be rewritten in accordance with the anti-white Jewish agenda, To fill you with self hate and disgust for your own past.

Never mind that over 60 million people in perished WW2, Just remember what happened to those poor Jews.This still to this day has a deep impact on you wether you realize it or not, It is embedded within your subconsciousness. This was only the very beginning of what was to come. Even if we were to kick the jews out tomorrow, This would not rid the Jewish poison within our very souls. We all will live with this Jewish poison until the day we die.

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