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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Ethnic Cleansing of Britain starting with London

Mandela Street, Camden NW1 

Mandela Way (Originally named Southwark Street

Mandela House, London

Mandela statue Parliament Square, London

I expect that the recently privatised (now owned by Jews) Royal mail will announce a Nelson Mandela stamp shortly to honour the memory of the Jew owned and controlled Marxist 
'Snot rag'The Pope will canonise him as a Saint. He will be the first saint of their new Global religion 'Holocaustianity'

To criticise him will become illegal in some parts of Europe just like criticising the 'Holohoax' is. Of course the Jews want to make 'Holocaust' denial illegal globally and so it will come to pass that this will apply to Mandela (Blasphemy) too.

What did he do that warrants this amount of adoration?

The truth is he did bugger all the Jew has made it all up. Hang on they haven't said what he did that was great? 

Wanna know why? 

He did fuck all apart from planning bomb attacks and the murder of whites.

But in this Satanic Jew controlled world left is right, up is down, Being gay is ok, being heterosexual is bad, Black is cool and being White is Shite. So what do you fucking expect? You just carry on believing in this Jewish con trick called 'Democracy' and very soon you can enjoy going to the Funerals of your White kin.

Look at South Africa now and think this is the legacy you are passing on to your children/grand children. But don't think about it just watch football, 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here', 'X Factor' and the pathetic pro-race mixing soaps. After all these 'programs' are designed by the Jew and his sub-serviant 'I'm alright Jack' Goym, 'Champagne Socialists', Radical femenists, Homosexual activists and the cowardly (unless the odds are in their favour) Marxist (UAF) boot boy's. Who wish to destroy the White race but for one exception, themselves and theirs.

John Hardon


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  1. "Who wish to destroy the White race but for one exception, themselves and theirs."
    you figured that out too? i am not the only one! i've observed this pattern on so many of the most rabbid race mixers, including jews: they're always telling us to race mix, to mate with some nigress or yenta, but they themselves are all crazy about the gorgeous white woman and don't want any other. Now why should this be? doesn't take a lot of thinking.

    Just like drug dealers: when have you ever seen them giving it to their own? drugs are good and cool and door-opening for other people's children!

    And Mandela was a piece of shit, and the south african whites that gave in the reigns of power on a silver platter to the commie were even worse.

    Just like you say, the world is upside down.