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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Swedish Red Traitors say they will take to the streets of Kärrtorp on Sunday to protest racism

Swedish police managed to herd the neo-Nazi 
counter-demonstrators into nearby woods on Sunday.

Several thousand [A few reds] say they will take to the streets of Kärrtorp on Sunday to protest racism anew, after a plethora of scrawled swastikas sprouted up again after last weekend's violent counter-demo by 'neo-Nazis'.
"See you on Sunday at 12! Because Nazism and racism have no place in our society, because the streets and the squares belong to all of us, and because we will never be scared into silence," 
The event organizers Linje 17, named after the local metro line, wrote on their new event page on social media site Facebook. By Tuesday, more than 5,000 [5] users had said they would attend the event, which was posted on the site only hours prior.

"Together we are strong, another world is possible," they concluded. The organizers have applied for but not yet been granted or denied permission from the Swedish police to assemble.

Sweden was left shocked by the attack with fireworks and bottles slung into the crowd of anti-racism protesters on Sunday. One mother who attended the event with her children said the fireworks were heavy duty and loud enough to startle the adults and frighten the children.

IN PICTURES: Swedish police herd neo-Nazis away from anti-racism demonstrators in Kärrtorp on December 15th, 2013

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