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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Somali Rapist allowed to stay in Britain because he's BLACK

From the Daily Mail

A Somali rapist who held a knife to a pregnant woman’s throat as he raped her has been allowed to stay in Britain to protect his human rights.

Mustafa Abdullahi (pictured right), 31, was jailed for ten years after he threatened to kill his victim and repeatedly assaulted her.

He was set to be deported on release, but immigration judges have ruled he cannot be kicked out because his mother and other family members live in the UK. They said he had been here so long, it would breach his right to a private and family life to force him to return to Somalia.

The judges also gave him credit for having ‘faced up to what he has done’ and having put his criminal behaviour ‘behind him’. They also concluded he posed a ‘low risk’ of committing further offences, based on evidence from a [Black?] psychiatrist who only saw him for a couple of hours.

The case is the latest in a series of human rights judgments in which judges favour the rights of criminals over those of victims and the wider public.

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