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Monday, 9 December 2013

Silent Screams, unheard Cries

Originally posted on the British Resistance site site September 19 2012

Many of us of heard about how 14 year old Eva Helgutan (pictured left) who was brutally gang raped by Muslim immigrants in Trondheim, Norway. She became increasingly depressed shortly after her defilement by these filthy sub-human paedophiles and took her own life. You didn't hear about this story on the Zionist Controlled Main Stream Media, you only heard about it on mainly Nationalist Blogs and Internet Sites.

This is by no means an isolated case, their is a 'Rape Epidemic' going on in Europe perpetrated by a species of the human race that do not belong in Europe. The idea that if savages are imported into civilised White countries they will assimilate and become like us is absolute nonsense. Multiculturalism is a Jewish concept that was specifically designed to destroy the white race.

Of course it is not just confined to Europe, here's an example from the USA:
Race of 11 year old gang rape victim revealed.
Remember the eleven year old girl who was gang raped by 18 black males aged 14-26? They videotaped it with multiple cameras. Video and pictures of the gang rape were found to be circulating at several nearly all black High Schools and Middle Schools. Including the Middle School attended by the victim.
Then, family members of the accused perps actually came out defending them! Many claiming the eleven year old girl was a “willing participant,” and that no crime had been committed. (Sex with an eleven year old girl is a serious felony even if she is “willing.”)
Now the extremist New Black Panther Party has come out defending the perpetrators. They say “white racism” is to blame. Quanell X, the Texas leader of the NBPP held a rally to defend the accused. The rally was moved from a church to a community center after the church received death threats.
Since the victim attended a Middle School that is almost all black, it was assumed she was black too. Now word has leaked out that she was Hispanic. The revelation has exploded already strained relations between the black community and the Hispanic community and threaten to tear apart Cleveland’s east side. 
Whites and Hispanics are outraged, while large numbers of blacks have been defending the accused.
To strain relations even more, three black city council members in Cleveland, Texas are under investigation for corruption. Black leaders are blaming “white racism” for that as well.
 Australia too (This story regarding Gang Rapes by Muslims over 10 years ago):

Muslim Gang Rapes 10 years later

Did you read about any of these cases in your Newspaper or on your TV? I very much doubt it, stories such as these are relegated to a few lines buried somewhere on page 9 or only reported by local papers for the area's in which the crimes were committed if indeed they are reported at all.

All this is going on now and the pace at which these evil crimes are being committed is accelerating. Apart from a few 'Show Trials' every now and again, the Police and the Judiciary  systems are ignoring it at the bequest of the Traitor Politicians who themselves are in the pockets of their Jewish masters.

What would you do if it was your sister, your daughter or granddaughter that was defiled and had her whole future life ruined by Jewish imported filth? I know what you'd like to do but of course you will be unable to do anything unless you wish to spend the rest of your days in Prison for Racially Aggravated Violence/Murder. You see when our women folk are attacked and raped by this sub-humans it is not considered by the Traitors in power as Racially Aggravated. And it often not even reported.

This is the reason I used the title for this post, 'Silent Screams, unheard Cries' 

-John Hardon 


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  1. I just made a simple video exampling how Alex Jones talks about Hitler/Nazis in every single show he puts on.
    The first thing that came to mind was, "is he getting paid every time ties Hitler and Nazis to anything evil today?