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Friday, 6 December 2013

Sign of the Times: Mandela Dead

Get ready for some over the top Mandela worship on TV. From Fox to CNN. Best of luck to our white brothers and sisters in South Africa.

South Africans never actually voted for "Black rule." They never even voted to permit the Blacks to participate in elections. They only voted to continue the process of reform in which the government of F W. DeKlerk already was engaged, the process of modernization and relaxation of some of the stricter apartheid practices. South Africans by and large believed that this would help their relations with the rest of the world and still allow them to remain masters in their own country.

Then again, surely the voters must have understood that if they gave DeKlerk the OK to continue along his path of appeasement of the Blacks and the New World Order crowd, that would lead very soon to Black rule. However, most of the voters didn't believe it would go that far. They had believed their politicians' promise to maintain White rule. And the fact is that the majority of White Americans are just as capable of unwittingly voting for their own destruction, so we should not be surprised that the White South Africans did just that.

Are things getting clearer now?

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  1. Yes, so clear that wecan now expect the more violent Blacks, in EVERY white nation, to show their Juden inspired hatred to their hosts.