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Thursday, 12 December 2013


By Max Musson:

As someone who has campaigned for an end to mass immigration into the UK and for the compulsory repatriation of non-White immigrants, I am very familiar with the National Front and one time British National Party slogan, ‘Stop immigration, start repatriation!’ and have lost count of the number of times I have heard liberals and leftists argue that repatriation in particular, is impractical, cannot be countenanced on humanitarian grounds and would make Britain a pariah state in the eyes of the ‘international community’, thereby attracting penal and potentially crippling trade sanctions

The liberals and leftists argue that; the ‘international community’ would not just stand by and let Britain conduct a programme as ‘inhumane’ as the repatriation of non-White immigrants; the nations from which the immigrants originated might not be prepared to take the immigrants back; and there would be uproar nationally as the majority of the British people would find such a measure unacceptable. So, what is the truth of the matter?

In recent months, we have seen two nations, Saudi Arabia and Israel, begin the repatriation of tens of thousands of immigrants that have entered their countries illegally. Furthermore the countries from whence these immigrants came, have accepted their compatriots back and there has hardly been a squeak from the ‘international community’.

Yesterday in the Guardian newspaper, there is a report that since mid-November, twenty flights per day have been landing at Addis Ababa airport from Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, disgorging some 7,000 unwanted immigrants each day, back into the arms of the Ethiopian authorities.

“As of 8 December”, the Guardian reports, 
“115,465 Ethiopians – 72,780 men, 37,092 women and 5,593 children, 202 of whom were unaccompanied – had returned from Saudi Arabia, according to government figures. The migrants, most of whom were in Saudi Arabia without work permits, were expelled after a tightening of labour regulations in March and the expiration of an amnesty for illegal workers on 4 November.”
Furthermore, it is reported that over a million migrant workers from across Asia have also been expelled from Saudi Arabia as part of their crackdown on illegal immigration, which is designed to get more Saudis into jobs and reduce the high unemployment rate.

In Israel, alarm at the number of particularly African immigrants entering the country illegally prompted work to begin in November 2010 on a more formidable border wall along the border between Israel and Egypt, which was completed in January 2013 at a total cost of $430 million. 

The wall has reduced the numbers able to cross the border illegally to negligible levels and now the Israeli government have turned their attention to getting rid of the estimated 60,000 African immigrants or ‘infiltrators’ as they are called, that are already in the country.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu signaled one year ago, that he was ready to begin repatriating African migrants, which he termed the “second stage” in the effort to clear Israel of “illegal infiltrators”.
“We have succeeded in blocking the entry of infiltrators from Africa to Israel,” Netanyahu said at the start of a discussion he convened on the issue.
“After having faced the threat of the entry of hundreds of thousands, this month, not one infiltrator entered Israel’s cities.
“Now we are moving on to the second stage, that of repatriating the infiltrators who are already here.”
Netanyahu claimed that most of the “infiltrators” are economic immigrants and that they threaten the Jewish character of Israel and he said that all new arrivals would immediately be placed in detention.  Israel was “building holding facilities to house tens of thousands of infiltrators until they can be sent out of the country”, he said.

Illegal immigrants who agreed to leave Israel immediately and of their own volition immediately following these announcements were provided with financial assistance of 1,000 euros and a plane ticket. Those that delayed are being progressively rounded up in raids by police and immigration officials.

Thus, far from ‘treading lightly’ lest the ‘international community’ should take umbrage, the Israeli government are in fact ‘sailing very close to the wind’, by creating facilities that look dangerously familiar to anyone with first hand recollections of the ‘Jewish Holohoax’.   Immigrants rounded up so far have been sent to hurriedly prepared holding facilities at the Saharonim Prison at Ketziot in the Negev Desert near the Israeli/Egyptian border. Here, the Israeli authorities have determined, they can be detained for up to three years while their applications for asylum are considered. Very few are accepted however as between 2009 and the end of 2012, out of 7,000 applications, only sixteen people have been granted refugee status or asylum.

Space has been created at Keziot for up to 5,000 illegals to be detained in tented accommodation situated in high walled and barbed wire fenced enclosures, that have been described a inadequate by human rights activists, and which combine overcrowding with a lack of hygiene facilities.
Upon arrival at the camp, the men are separated from the women and children and up to twenty individuals are accommodated in tents designed originally for just six. Camp inmates have no privacy and are merely given a bed to sleep on.

As for the eventual fate of the ‘infiltrators’ into Israel, it has come to light that Uganda have agreed to accept an undisclosed number of immigrants deported from Israel in a deal that involves the sale of Israeli manufactured weapons to the Ugandan army, together with a non-disclosure clause preventing the precise details of the deal from being released.

I would appear therefore that ending non-White immigration and the repatriation of those already here is not such a problematic issue after all, providing the government concerned has the will to devise a plan and the nerve to carry it out.

By Max Musson © 2013


  1. I applaud the Israelis and the Saudis. Why is the white race the only race in the World that seems hell-bent on self-destruction Why do we have so many race traitors in Western Europe, the United States and Australia who are determined to destroy white civilisation?

    1. I don't know the answer - but it's the fundamental flaw that has destined the rise and fall of the Aryan race to be no more than a curious footnote in the history of mankind. We are about to be swamped by races who are vastly inferior in creativity and intellect, but who have much stronger instincts to exploit and survive.