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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Rat Faced Jews and Rodent DNA

A few years ago when I was one of the Admin on the (now defunct) C18 Guest Book, a regular contributor kept sending in 'comments' that stated the Jew's had a very high proportion of Rodent DNA, if I remember correctly his 'handle' was 'Hey Jew'. At the time I dismissed his comments as bullshit although I still published them. When I look at the creature below I can now see that he was right.

Rat faced Ferenc Göndör.

When you think about it Rats (and I don't mean ALL Rats, I mean the Sewer Rats that infest our Cities) Have a lot in common with Jews. Just like the Jew they are parasites, just like the Jew they thrive in areas where Third World Filth are the majority, because of their insanitary behaviour and customs the Rat finds easy pickings just as the Jew does.

As 'The Truth Will Out' commented on a previous article the Creator must have a sense of humour to create something so vile (worse than a Negro and that's saying something).

These Rodent DNA overload creatures refer to the Goyim (us) as 'Cattle' and 'Useless eaters' put on Earth for one reason and one reason only to serve them. (refer to the Talmud). They are hell bent on White Genocide through endless War (notice they get us to fight their wars for them), mass immigration of 'shitskins' into our lands and miscegenation.

Another Rat Faced Jew, Alan Greenspan

They are now shitting themselves because their is a great awakening going on thanks to the Internet. You will find that Blog's like this one will be disappearing at an accelerated pace. They won't turn the Internet off altogether with a 'Kill switch' because it is useful to them, they have their 'shills' like Alex Jones, David Icke and many more to spread disinformation as well as the jewmedia mainstream crap to keep you hypnotised, dumbed down and lobotomised.

And of course their greatest tool for disinformation, the TV that sits in every living room. The first thing that most people (sheeple) do when they wake up, come home from work or can't sleep is to turn on the TV. They might be eating, reading the Newspaper or Jerking off but the TV is always there in the background and the Brain of the Sheeple is taking it all in subliminally. The programs (and that's what they are program's, just like a Data CD can 'Program' a computer) the 'programs' are specially formatted to indoctrinate you when you are not paying attention.

Have you ever watched somebody who is sat in front of the TV? They appear to be in a trance-like state of total absorption, they are not consciously doing this, they are absorbing the 'programming' that is designed to make them feel that everything's ok and that this is how it's meant to be. Well this is not how it's meant to be, so more and more people are seeking information on the Internet and now they are getting worried.

The stupid bastards do not realise that if they destroy the White race they will destroy themselves, the hoards of 'Muds' will turn on them for they have all the money and the power, and unlike the White race they will show no compassion whatsoever (Look at South Africa).

If a Rat is starving it will eat it's offspring the Jew will do the same, they are on a path of destruction. You lie with the Devil, you die with the Devil.

John Hardon

OMG. Just got a comment from paul maleski showing Rat faced Jew Ferenc Göndör's wife:

Thanks Paul, guess I'll have nighmares tonight I'm not 'Pissed up' I'm 'Jewed up' ugh...


  1. Heh, yeah I remember HJ, He kept putting all those crazy postcards up with Hitler dressed as Robocop surrounded by stormtroopers from Star Wars. A bit weird, not at all to my taste, but equally quite amusing..


  2. ..... And also, speaking of our "friends"...

    Just incase you haven't been checking yer emails old boy ; )


  3. I wonder how the children of such creatures look like...

    1. Reptiles... According to Icke, at least. He could well have a point, half jesting of course... Or not.


  4. That reptile thing, one of the things that turned me off Icke from the start.

    I sort of gave him the benefit of doubt assuming he meant juwes, just to avoid all that ADL harassment, after all most historical paintings/murals depict the kike as a serpent/reptile.

    Maybe it was a heavy trip Icke was on while watching that overpromoted V series on TV back in the 80's.

    Years ago, I was pressured by a mate to read one of his books and reported back that the chapters on Rothschild and Heath were pretty good but the rest seemed like pure misdirection, only he believed every word of Icke, which disabled him from recognising the juden behind the curtain.

    Icke blames the 'nazis' for all our plight almost as often as Paul Weston does.

    Then again maybe it is one of those hidden in plain sight things Jones and Icke like to talk about.

    There's definitely something alien about them not just externally but that reptilian brain thing could have a kernel of truth to it.

    They have no empathy for others, only an inexplicable love for their own foul kind and genocidal ambitions for all others, only whites have sympathy for those outside their own group.

    Rodent DNA is as good as any other theory

    While I want a white Europe I certainly don't want to slaughter all other races or have them subjugated under an Aryan jackboot.

    They should be free to forge their own societies and futures without any outside interference from some zog empire as they have been.

    Arabs can live in Arabland
    Indians live in Indianland
    Africans can live in Africanland

    The juwes can be fired off in one of Branson's rockets straight into the heart of the Sun.

    I joke of course they'd never make it past the van Allen belt, which of course will save on fuel costs.

  5. The Neandertal jew evolved in the caves of the Caucasus Mountains---the rest is 'their' Dark History! Never let the jew do the thinking for you. This has been the goyim's recurrent tragedy over the past 2000 years.

  6. I knew those rat faced jews had rat DNA, I believe all jews should have been gassed back in ww2, but too bad Hitler was too soft to such a great task as really getting rid of this parasite that now infest all our great white lands with their mud armies,, I hate jews.