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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Putins Aide Visits Nationalists in Romania, While the Far Right Forms an International Alliance

From the Jewish Left wing Revolution News

Vladimir Putin’s ideological prophet, Alexander Dugin, 
visiting an Orthodox church in Romania, this November.

National Socialist forces are expanding their cross-border alliances in Europe, and far right political parties from EU member countries are reviving their efforts to unite under a so-called “Alliance of Patriots.” This is happening while Putin’s ideological prophet Aleksandr Dughin (one of Putins top aides) visits fascists nationalists in Eastern Europe in an attempt to build a base mutual cooperation. Dughin has also been in recent communication with Nikolaos Michaloliakos of the Greek far right party Golden Dawn.

The same rhetoric and propaganda which played a part in Europe turning to ruins prior to WWII is being allowed public space. Again we see the blame for the suffering of tens of millions of people in Europe being diverted from its real causes (such as austerity), towards scapegoats for far-right extremists to rally their forces against: immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Roma, Jews, sexual minorities, the increasingly criminalized poor, and, in many countries, women.

The far right are acting on two fronts: Western Europe, where they benefit from imposed poverty under the name of austerity (though they avoid attacking its real causes), and Eastern Europe, where anti-European sentiments are built on austerity measures and the poverty inflicted upon people who have been the guinea pigs of the IMF, World Bank, and experimental economic policy from Brussels during their transition from state capitalism to private capitalism. Both the Western and Eastern far right use nationalism and populism to avoid discussing the economic and social structures which are responsible for the collapse of the standard of living, high crime, and record-high unemployment.

A quarter century of bad policies, from shock therapy to artificially ballooned consumerism entrapping people into huge debts, has nurtured the soil for ultra-nationalism, religious fanaticism, and ultimately fascism to explode in full force.

In Western Europe, minorities are falsely rightly blamed for the massive unemployment and the decline of livable wages, particularly among young people. In Eastern Europe, the state-backed Christian religion is the safe-way for the extreme right-wing forces to seduce millions of impoverished people. [Spoken like a true Jew]

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