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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Creator Provided FREE ENERGY for ALL

The Creator gave us free energy but the technology has been hidden (Read up on Tesla). The reason that we do not benefit from this god given right is because of the Jewish 'usury' system which is all about Profit before people and greed before need.

These inventions/discoveries are being subdued and kept from mass production, the researchers are being bought off or otherwise disposed of.

Tesla free energy for all 

A very interesting little video clip. It shows us how close we came to utopia and an end to wars fought for the rich and powerful. They couldn’t let it happen, they couldn’t let us be free. 

Throughout time all those who have attempted to free humanity from exploitation have been destroyed. The American government is in possession of Tesla’s broadcast power technology and many other wonderful inventions. These power sources are clean and non-polluting, but the evil corporate financial elite will not let humanity have them and seek to keep humanity enslaved and beholding to them for all our needs. 

Our masters haven’t been taking very good care of humanity because some twenty thousand children die of starvation each day on this earth. Our masters have mountains of wealth for themselves, live in palatial mansions, own fleets of plains, garages full of cars, have hundreds of servants, consume only the cleanest purest food and water, and enjoy the highest quality medical care and life extension technologies. The rest of humanity is starving and dieing by the millions in wars fought for corporations, banksters, military industrialists, special interests, and their puppet politicians. They are mass murdering plants, animals, humans and our ecosystem for power and profit. Humanity is being robbed of utopia and the unlimited bounty and freedom the earth could provide for all.

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  1. I knew an inventor some years ago. He said they do two things before killing anyone who does not agree to hand over good ideas or tec.

    1- Try to by-pass the legal restrictions on patents.
    2- Purchase the idea, for far less and/or give you a percentage under license.
    3- Kill you.

    He moved three times, and then for half of one percent, gave in to massive pressure on he and his family, but at least lives with an income if sorts.

    Tressant Bouvillle.