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Saturday, 7 December 2013

'Muslim Patrol' jailed for harassing couple holding hands and men drinking in a bid to enforce Sharia law in East London

Three members of a so-called 'Muslim Patrol' were today jailed at the Old Bailey for repeatedly trying to enforce Sharia law in East London.

Jailed: Jordan Horner, left, and Ricardo MacFarlane, right, have been sentenced to prison along with another man for their role in the self-styled 'Muslim Patrol'
The court earlier heard that last December Horner and the 23-year-old man drove alongside Joshua Bilton and Anna Reddiford in Bethnal Green, and started yelling at them through a megaphone.

The teenage convert shouted: 'Let go of each other's hands. This is a Muslim area!' - but the couple initially assumed it was a joke. They stopped holding hands after the men repeated the message - and when they started again, the car blocked their way until they let go.

Two weeks later, Horner and MacFarlane attacked men drinking in Shoreditch, shouting: 'Kill the non-believers.' Horner then punched two of the group, hitting James Forward in the jaw and knocking out Patrick Kavanagh with a sucker punch to the head.

On January 13, Horner and the 23-year-old harassed another couple, Clare Coyle and Robert Gray, as they were walking in Stepney - accusing Miss Coyle of being a 'slag'.

In an exchange filmed on Horner's phone, she replied, 
'This is Great Britain. I can dress how I wish,' 
while the group shouted: 
'Remove yourselves now. Muslim Patrol. Move away from the mosque.'
Horner, an associate of hate preacher [MI5 agent] Anjem Choudary who has declared he wants to bring Sharia law to Britain, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault and two charges of using threatening words and behavior. He was jailed earlier this year for beating up a photographer, and has been seen putting up posters across East London 'banning' alcohol.

MacFarlane, who pleaded guilty to affray, has previous convictions for criminal damage for painting over advertisements of women in the street. The 23 year-old admitted two counts of using threatening words and behaviour.

Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes tell 'gay' men to leave area of London

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