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Sunday, 8 December 2013

MPs get 11% rise: £7,600 pay hike

An obligatory £7,600 pay rise is expected to be given to MPs this week – despite the furious pretend objections of all three party leaders.

The Commons pay watchdog is expected to cause public outrage by pressing ahead with an 11 per cent hike. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority will sign off on an increase in MPs’ salaries from £66,396 to £74,000 – and try to defuse criticism by toughening its crackdown on perks such as taxis and hotels.

But even though Nick Clegg has said that MPs should decide themselves whether to take the increase, and Ed Miliband has vowed to cancel it if he wins the next Election [liar], the watchdog made clear last night that MPs would not be able to turn down the rise.

‘It is automatic,’ a source explained. 
‘If they want to, they can give it to a stray cats home, that’s up to them.’
Under the system set up in response to the expenses scandal, MPs no longer have the right to vote on – or veto – what IPSA recommends. The watchdog first floated the idea of the rise in July, saying it should take effect at the start of the next Parliament in 2015.

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