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Saturday, 28 December 2013

More Jew Hollywood Bullshit ~ A film with Kung fu, NAZIS, vikings and dinosaurs


We can't know for sure, but it seems that "Kung Fury" isn't based on a true story. However, the new trailer for this cinematic masterpiece had us going for a while.

We were sold on the authenticity, right up until the Vikings riding the dinosaurs came into play. Now, that's just silly...

Okay, this may be the most awesomely ridiculous trailer ever created, for a film that may never reach the big screen, reported. 
Apparently Director [Jew] David Sandberg has run out of funds for his low-budget opus, and has turned to online donations via for extra cash.

The plot goes something like this:

• Kung Fury is a renegade cop/martial arts master in 1980s Miami who quits the force after destroying a whole city block taking out some city thugs.

• In an act of vigilantism, Fury decides to take on the ultimate Kung fu master, Adolf Hitler.

• He travels back in time to destroy the Nazis and their leader, but travels too far back, into the age of vikings — who also have machine guns.

• A viking summons Norse god Thor to help out.

• Fury, Thor and the vikings travel forward in time to Nazi Germany, and kick many Germans in the face.

• At some point, dinosaurs are ridden.

With more than 600,000 views since Thursday, lets hope the buzz within these first 24 hours is a sign that Sandberg's production company Laser Unicorns will get the funds they need and "Kung Fury," will hit some theater somewhere someday.

All hail the green screen!

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