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Sunday, 22 December 2013

McCain The Insane! A poem by Mike King

There was a Navy pilot named John McCain,Whose reckless flying lost many a plane
He was shot down in Nam over enemy terrain,Angry villagers then beat him, until their fury did wane
In exchange for good treatment the pilot would explain, All the military secrets that his mind did contain
In spite of good treatment, he could not stay sane,.
Years of captivity would damage his brain 
 He flushed his devoted wife right down the drain,.
And married an heiress, with much more to gain
From a career in politics he could not abstain,.
He ran for Senate, a seat he would obtain
"I'm a war hero", was his familiar refrain,.
But soon his record would acquire a stain 
The Keating 5 scandal nearly ended his reign,.
But the media darling recovered, growing more vain
In 2008 he waged a Straw Man campaign,.  Handing Obama the White House, with hardly a strain
He's a RINO Republican, like Ms. Collins of Maine,  Bashing the Right, while helping liberals to gain
"Bomb Bomb Iran!" is his comical refrain, In the pocket of Israel is traitor McCain
In defiance of Putin he arrived in Ukraine, Preaching revolution, he's certifiably insane
If America the Doomed is like a runaway rain,
At the helm next to Obama, sits Senator McCain

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