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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mark Weber Exposed: The Roadblock To Revisionism ~Carolyn Yeager

In another historic show tackling the issue of the current occupation of the Institute for Historical (Holocaust) Review by Mark Weber, Carolyn Yeager and noted revisionists Germar Rudolf, and Friedrich Paul (Fritz) Berg expose the moral criminality of Mark Weber who tricked his way into the leadership of the IHR, an institute created with the sole purpose of investigating and exposing the Holocaust lie.

Weber was never a Holocaust revisionist but was able to take advantage of the slavish way white people worship anyone in a leadership position with some charisma as a saviour. Whether it be David Irving, Nick Griffin, David Duke or any number of half-baked leaders who appear to be working, some genuinly some not, towards the cause, people follow them like the pied-piper without asking the important questions about where they are really heading.

Carolyn’s extremly irritating guest Dana Roccapriore is a proponent of the very Jewish concept of Imperium (an imperialist philosophy put forward by some white nationalists who are unaware that the voyages of discovery from Europe to other lands, colonialism, genocide and the exploitation of natives and their resources abroad as well as the seizure of the slave trade from the Arabs, were the creation of the Jews behind the moneylender-indebted thrones of Europe or the Roman senate). The last two Imperiums (Rome and Europe) have led to our current destruction and these guys want to repeat the same mistake of deep and detrimental involvement with foreign races and cultures all over again.

Roccapriore, obviously a youth of his digitized generation, postulates a future of scattered wildcat lone wolf smorgasbord Holocaust plus other issues websites who would have no official credibility and if they are really good will remain unknown because they will be too boring for the average surfer with their short attention spans to follow. Furthermore, the owner of such a personal site howsoever academically qualified and brilliant will always be regarded by officialdom as the Jews would say as “Just another schmuck.” Roccapriore also displayed a very Jewish concept of truth; “So vot does it metter if dere is no proof dere vere any gas chambers or not? It a qvestion of vot people perceive.”

If there is one reason why the IHR is needed is to sort the sheep from the goats and exclude people like Roccapriore who have no clue what they are talking about but a huge confidence in the value of their ignorance based on very personal perceptions of "what the American people think” and who because of their paucity of knowledge only serve to spread more confusion among the dying white race about subjects like the Holohoax on their amateur radio stations as Roccapriore is most certainly doing by spreading the unsubstantiated anti-German defamation's of Weber and Irving to his young audience.

Also to question for example Friedrich Berg’s surprising for a historical revisionist assumption based entirely on his own personal opinion expressed as fact and backed by no research or forensic evidence whatsoever that the Himmler Pozen speech was genuine. Shocking that Germar also unthinkingly conceeded this gift to the Jews ditto.


Nobody knows who or the revisionists are or how to place them on a value-scale unless they are brought under the authority of one umbrella. Great work is being done on websites known only to perhaps a couple of hundred people.

Only the return of the IHR to it’s original intention can provide a stable base for the overthrow of Holocaustianity, the single most destructive philosophy being used to undermine and destroy the whole planet and in particular the white race.

At the end of the discussion it becomes very clear that Carolyn’s position remains totally solid that the IHR was created with huge resources, has huge prestige and is the only way Holocaust revisionism can be centrally organized, catalogued and achieve academic respect.

Furthermore the IHR was established in a historical period in which it’s founders had benefited from a real, solid and properly defined academic education. An education system backed by established white-Christian values, ethics and a regard for the principle of the centrality of establishing truth. Without such an in house historical legacy to build on, many young no doubt keen but deliberately (by the Jewish-controlled state) under educated or miss educated revisionists may not have as good an alternative guiding framework as the IHR to work within.

There was a very positive note in the discussion which is that all the grown-ups on the show agreed that should a genuine and suitable leader of moral character, dedicated enough to stay the task emerge, Mark Weber could be overthrown.

At the end of the program Carolyn remains the most impressive voice of the whole discussion. Friedrich and Dana have a misplaced faith in the internet seemingly unaware that it is Jewish owned and run and when the time comes it can take down whole vast academic revisionist archives with the ease that it has taken down websites and Youtube channels in the past. Germar’s ending opinion that it was time to throw in the towel and give up the fight for the IHR was disappointing and seemed illogical given all he had said, a miss judgement which one hopes that in retrospect he will come to realize.

In this show Carolyn achieved a degree of unity with two good soldiers who could still be persuaded to support her task and who could be joined by others like Gunther Deckert and Lady Michèle Renouf in a new alignment of now disparate and scattered forces who need to gather under one banner to form some sort of committee for the restoration of the IHR.

White nationalism’s Joan of Arc will no doubt continue this assault and continue to refine her attack until that traitorous rat Weber is finally driven out of his lair and one of the greatest thefts in white history is overthrown. And if she does not succeed she will go down as the fuhrer did fully cognizant that all she could have done she did to win the day.


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