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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Liberalism: A Mental-Developmental Disorder

By Rufus

What is Liberalism? Is it a political, economic or social ideology? Is it a faith? No. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder; a disorder resulting from a failure to develop from a child to an adult.

When one debates with a liberal, one is not debating with another adult; one is debating with a person who has the outward appearance of an adult, but inwardly has the mentality of a child - and a spoilt child at that.

Liberals will not listen to reason. This is because they are incapable of seeing the world from any perspective other than their own; in exactly the same manner as children. When one presents a liberal with facts which disprove the verbal diarrhoea he or she is emitting, the liberal does not thank you for correcting an error, but instead will attack you for daring to question the orthodoxy he or she believes in. This is not the rational behaviour of an adult, but is definitely what one would expect of a developmentally-retarded individual trapped in the stage of life which one would hope would be left behind upon physically leaving childhood.

Liberals are happy to espouse 'equality' but they do not understand what equality actually means. To treat people as individuals of equal worth - with mutual respect - is an adult position. However, to treat everyone as if they are intrinsically the same - without any differences worthy of protecting - is to fail to understand even the most basic level of biology, and to commit the heinous crime of anthropomorphism.

There is a concerted plan to keep the population of the West in a perpetual state of immaturity. There are many reasons for this, but all of them are ultimately to our disadvantage, and benefit those who seek to enslave us.

The advent of mass entertainment has been a disaster for Europe. Television could have been a tool for the education and enlightenment of the people, but it has been in reality, used as a weapon to keep us in ignorance and to prevent us realising our inner potentials. The liberal domination of the mass media has ensured that their juvenile mindset is transmitted to all who view what has rightly been called the 'idiot box'. The make-believe fantasies of the liberal bigots are beamed into the homes of the vast majority of the population, as if they were unquestionable truths. The only occasions that views contrary to the liberal lunacy are aired, is when they are carefully crafted to appear to be the ravings of individuals unfit to share the company of decent people. It is, of course, to be expected that the self-chosen guardians of liberal democracy, will use every lie at their disposal to blacken the name of those who expose their underlying dictatorial natures.

Liberals are hypocrites. The worst aspect of the liberal mentality is that they are generally unaware of the fact that their words do not match their deeds. There is no one more dangerous than he who sincerely believes that he is only acting for the good of everyone. Liberals believe that they are fighting for what is 'right'; sadly they do not understand that their good intentions are building a Hell on Earth for their own people.

The level of debate one may have with a liberal is that which one would expect with a spoilt child. There are the 'No Platform' types who simply refuse to debate with anyone who doesn't see the world as they do. This astounding level of arrogance can be compared with the child who jams his fingers in his ears and says "nah nah na nah nah" to prevent any possibility of any opposing view being heard. Children in adult bodies who use this method of defending their self-delusion from criticism, include many Trades Union leaders, Establishment politicians, University professors and Media producers/editors. This is a problem which has become so entrenched in the West that it has crippled any possibility of there being a real 'democracy' in Europe.

The liberals who refuse to talk to non-liberals use the excuse that they are defending democracy by not allowing those they label as neo-nazis, extremists etc, to have a place in what they define as decent society. This outright lie is nonsensical if one bothers to look beneath the surface. They are not defending democracy; they are destroying it. By dictating what can be discussed, what words can be used, who can be spoken to, what views are acceptable, they are ensuring that their own positions are not threatened. There is nothing democratic about stifling free speech and free debate.

Another childish method employed by liberals is the tactic of shouting down those they do not agree with. In a school playground, a common tactic of the bullies is to shout in the ears of those they choose to victimise. This type of behaviour is one which people should grow out of as they mature - and one which tends not to be indulged in by well-balanced individuals even in children. The 'shouting down' tactic is one favoured by the shock troops of the Establishment, United Against Fascism. The likes of UAF and Antifa will purposely seek out meetings of individuals who they do not agree with, not to learn from people who hold an opposing viewpoint, but solely to shout and otherwise disrupt gatherings of their fellow citizens. These arch-hypocrites claim that they are silencing free speech in order to protect the right to free speech! Ignorance really is strength in the bizarre mind of the liberal.

It would not really matter if the anti-freedom antics of the liberal thugs were confined to those who join fringe organisations. The likes of the UAF are fully endorsed by the UK Government, and their counterparts across the globe are likewise tacitly supported by their respective States, regardless of their anti-Establishment rhetoric. The UAF are happy to physically attack defenders of National Freedom, because they are aware that they will not be arrested for assaulting their fellow citizens. It is only because the police have become liberalised that the criminals of the UAF are able to attack those they disagree with. Without police backing, the cowardly UAF thugs would not be able to threaten anyone. In many cases the UAF in fact ARE the police. They are simply a variation of the old CID - they are still C.... In Disguise!

I personally experienced the fore-runners of the UAF, the Anti Nazi League, in action. They attacked a pub in which the then leader of the BNP, John Tyndall, was speaking. The meeting was closed to the public, and so there was no possible way that ordinary members of the public could become 'contaminated' by the words of those speaking. This did not stop the ANL throwing an axe through the pub window and nearly killing an old woman who was enjoying a drink, and in no way connected with those meeting on a floor above the pub. The liberal police arrived whilst the attack was under-way, and only entered the pub when the ANL criminals had safely departed - possibly back to the police station for a de-briefing. The police then proceeded to search everyone who had been in the meeting in the hope of prosecuting people for possession of literature containing forbidden thoughts. 

Presumably, the said literature would then be ceremoniously burned, without any consideration of the irony of such censorship! 

I argued with a policeman that rather than searching the victims of the attack, he would be better off trying to catch the criminals and arresting them for assault, criminal damage and attempted murder. The uniformed liberal quite happily told me that he would not be bothering to do anything about the ANL thugs, and that we who had been in the pub deserved everything we got! This was in the 1990s, and the liberalisation of the police was nowhere near as bad then as it is now.

The liberals who claim to be fighting for the freedom of the people employ the No Platform tactic, backed up by the Shouting Down tactic, and ultimately the Physical Violence approach. These are the actions of developmentally-retarded people who may have the physical appearance of adults, but have the thought processes of children; of damaged children. 

They cannot appreciate that people are entitled to their own opinions; they believe that everyone must have THEIR opinions. Children in the school playground can be expected to behave in childish ways. Indeed, it is natural that everyone passes through the various stages of life, fully immersing in each one before moving on to the next. As children, we must think, speak, reason and behave as children, but then we must put away the childish ways of living and become adults. When the time is right we have to grow up. Liberals do not grow up, but remain trapped in childhood, complete with tantrums and the inability to accept that they are not the centre of the universe.

The liberal mindset believes itself to be righteous, whereas it is nothing but self-righteous. Those who endlessly prattle about tolerance are the most intolerant of all people. They will weep tears of indignation for the people of Tibet who have been reduced to second class citizens in their own country by the Chinese occupiers; they screeched hysterically for majority rule in South Africa in the days of Apartheid; they even manage to weep for the Palestinians who have been forced into destitution by their Jewish overlords. However, should a European speak in favour of majority rule in Europe, or argue against the Jewish overlords who have destroyed our economies and reduced us to the position where we must go to food banks whilst the occupying regime and its immigrant puppets live the high life at our expense, then, simply because the victims of the tragedy unfolding in Europe are White, these self-proclaimed anti-racists will scream from the rafters that those who object to being second class citizens in their own homelands are 'nazis' and must be destroyed. Hypocrisy and hatred are the underlying realities of the liberal personality.

Liberalism is a mental disorder which has been carefully crafted to weaken us as a people. It is not natural, and indeed it has to be enforced by the police state in order to survive. The vast majority of those who have been artificially kept in childhood, could be broken from this condition if normality was allowed to be restored. The active liberals who defame their own people require more active treatment to cure them of their sickness. It is possible that the active liberal suffers an innate developmental disorder, and that they deserve our pity, just as does anyone with a mental illness. What they deserve is therapy; what they do not deserve is to hold any positions of authority over healthy people.

Perhaps the final solution to the liberal question would be to allocate those who wish to indulge in race-mixing, homosexuality, multi-culturalism and other such nonsense, a remote island which could be made a free-for-all land for anyone to move to (but not to move from). That way, all the mentally-damaged people could congregate in one place to live in their own depravity, and to indulge in every bizarre liberal fantasy until such time that they wiped themselves out through their sick lifestyles, or were culled by the immigrants they so love to live amongst.

With the liberal poison removed from our lands, we could finally move forward to a natural society in which adults are adults, children are children, and the distinction is recognised and cherished. It is no coincidence that countries beset with liberalism are also the most damaged by pædophilia, which is itself a result of a failure to advance from childhood into adulthood.

Those who are most damaged by the developmental retardation of liberal society fail to stop identifying with children whilst simultaneously becoming sexually active. Liberalism is more than a mental health problem, it is an active danger to our children, and to this end, it has to be dealt with seriously, and it has to be dealt with now.


  1. All good and well. But what do people writing these articles actually suggest?

    Token White

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