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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

John Tyndall - A warning from the grave

Written by Green Arrow

Nothing can change the truth.

Even when the marxists and jews try to bury it deep under their lies, the truth can never be completely covered, because there will always be courageous people who will help dig it out and shout it out to a world that is not completely deaf - some people still listen.

One such person keeping the truth alive and helping to retain Our Nationalist History, is Paul Hickman, who has archived and speaks about the greatest British Nationalist in living memory, the late and great John Tyndall.

I am proud to say, I met Mr Tyndall on several occasions, once in a very private capacity, where he spoke seriously about National Socialism and the jews.

Well Paul's archives are hosted on the White Network, which makes its position quite clear on their "About" page where they proudly announce:
  • We encourage Whites to be more aware of and assertive about our interests as a group, to speak out and answer slurs and attacks directed against us and our White heroes.
  • We recognize that different races and ethnic groups cannot live together in peace on the same soil, that Whites cannot and should not tolerate being governed by non-Whites. As White Americans, we affirm our European heritage and common cause with our European cousins everywhere.
  • Jews are not White. They are obsessed with their own group’s best interests, not ours. Our network is and will always remain by, for, and about the best interests of Whites, and only Whites. We are uncompromising on this point. We do not hesitate to identify and criticize Jews and will not allow them to hide amongst us.
Now I urge you to follow this link to a well laid out page of currently eight podcast, where John Tyndall speaks on the continued threat to the white world and about the true evil of the Jews - when you consider that some of the warnings John gave, were spoken several decades ago, you can see what a great visionary and prophet he was.

I would sell my soul to see another John Tyndall arise to lead us in our final battle.

A big salute and thank you to Paul Hickman and the White Network.


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