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Monday, 16 December 2013

Jews Vow to Fight ‘Antisemitic’ Hand Gesture Sweeping Europe

Times of Israel
December 15, 2013

French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala performs the Quenelle gesture in 2008.

A Neo-Nazi gesture, regarded by anti-Semitism researchers as a modern day Nazi salute, is rapidly spreading among anti-Semites in Europe and is being used by individuals to fly under the radar of strict anti-hate speech laws in parts of the continent.

The “quenellle” signal, extending one’s right hand toward the ground while the left hand grasps the shoulder, was devised by Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, a controversial French comedian who has been condemned in court several times for anti-Semitic remarks.

Over the past two months, the trend has gained popularity, prompting hundreds of Europeans to post online pictures of themselves performing the “heil” like salute. Many of the images were taken at sensitive sites such as in the Auschwitz concentration camp, the Anne Frank House and even the Western Wall.

In September, two French soldiers were punished for using the signal.

The phenomenon was addressed at length during a World Zionist Organization conference which took place earlier this week in New York, where key speakers warned of the rise in anti-Semitic activity throughout Europe.

Interestingly, Yaakov Hagouel of the WZO said “If we put down our head, they will strike our head”  This is the language of Genesis ch 3 v 15: And I will put enmity between thee (the serpent) and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
“It is gaining more and more momentum, is very pervasive on the internet and social networks and is increasingly becoming a symbol of the Nazi regime, and does not look like a passing phenomenon,” 
Yaakov Hagouel, the Head of the World Zionist Organization’s Department for Combating Antisemitism and the conference organizer, told Hebrew website Ynet.


  1. Jews themselves arethe cause of Anti-Semitism. What we are seeing today, with all these laws, is a reflection of the exact same thing under Communism in Red Russia, and Eastern Europe. They keep oppressing, destroying, and money-grabbing, and don't want people to recognise them. We do.


  2. Exactly Ironkraft, the ONE sure way to eventually win this thing is to constantly, unswervingly and loudly point out that the Jew is LITERALLY behind all the problems that face us. This isn;t as hard as you'd think as the kike bastards are not particularly subtle and are conspicuous at the head of almost all of the major 'Western' institutions that are wrecking the world (IMF, World Bank etc) just look at the history of the evil Federal reserve Kike-dominated from the get go (and now that haven't even bothered to put a dual-citizen Israel-first 'American' kike as deputy chairman but have plumped for a fully blown ISRAELI Jewess just to make it extra easy for us nationalists to point out exactly WHO is ruining and impoverishing the white nations!). I am sick of populist cowardice, of nationalists pretending they are against 'extremists' because they think they will get less flack than attacking the Jews and standing up for the only HERO (Adolf Hitler) who tried to warn us what was coming. Tell the truth and shame the Jew! (P.S I highly reccomend to you and to John the works of a historian by the name of 'Nesta Webster' not only are they fantastically written, IMO, but, in works such as 'The World Revolution' and her seminal study on the French revolution she lays bare the Jewish hand that was behind such 'spontaneous risings' as the French and Russian revolutions (although she also shows how Freemasonry and generally upper-class degeneracy were hijacked by the Jews to acheive this aim as well much as how nowadays they 'use' such diverse groups as the Gay lobby, Student nihilist, and Saudi sponsored death squads all to advance the aims of 'Eretz Israel' Also I cannot reccomend highly enough doing some reading on both the 'Khazar' theory of he origin of most modern 'Jews' (also this REALLY pisses them of if you suggest it!) and, even more so, the 'Sabbatean' movement within Judaism which states that, before the Messiah can return (as Jews believe this is yet to happen) the world must be DELIBERATELY made more evil and wicked in order to 'fill it' with degeneracy and thus 'trigger' his return, the fact that this movement lasted many centuries and was followed enthusiastically by many Jews (who would allegedly sleep with their own children amongst other crimes in order to 'make the Messiah return) gives you some idea of how the bastards can be so DELIBERATELY evil which it is hard, unfortunately, for inherently decent Aryans to fathom and constitutes a major obstacle when trying to 'explain' The Jews to the uninitiated. Keep up the good work mate! 14/88