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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Jews Rape, Loot and Plunder Europe – Whites are Homeless, Humiliated and Starving!

High Finance Jew Bankers are robbing you and your family. Unless you enjoy being 
raped by hooknosed monsters, you must organize and crush these Yid beasts!

Pinch of Poverty: Millions in EU forced to live close to breadline

Over 20 per cent of Europe’s population is at risk of poverty. Bulgaria is one of the EU’s most impoverished countries, with nearly half its population living close to the bread line. Romania is not far behind, where four out of ten find it hard to make ends meet. In bailed-out Greece, slightly over 30 per cent of the population struggle to meet financial demands. And, about the same percentage of people in Spain and Italy are under pressure from harsh austerity measures. RT’s Egor Piskunov went to a food bank in Rome where essential provisions are handed out to the city’s poorest.
Iranian PressTV tells the truth about the vile Jewish race and their 
biological drive to suck the blood off of non-Jews.

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