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Saturday, 21 December 2013


The Jew has a great understanding of the power of the internet and alternative media, For he understands the power of the pen like no other people in history. He knows people are looking for answers. He knows the damage he is doing and has done, he is scared that his world domination will be exposed. He sees the bar between Truth and Fiction is to far away. It is to black and white. So he decides to bring fiction closer to the truth to blur the truth and get people caught up in half truths. By doing this he has confused people who are looking for the truth also he has hijacked the minds of people who already claim to know the truth by injecting half truths into their literature.

This has sent people who were on the right track down the road of lies,nonsense. He has become a victim of the jew. Jews are very tricky and deceptive something which the aryan mind has a very hard time to comprehend as we are contrary to him. An example of the Jew bringing truth and fiction closer would be Brother Nathanael Kapner.

My Name Is Brother Nathanael Kapner
I’m A “Street Evangelist”
I Grew Up As A Jew
I’m Now An Orthodox Christian
I Wish To Warn How Jewry
Is Destroying Christianity Throughout The World

We see clearly see here he says he grew up a Jew but now he is Christian. Which in itself is very deceptive ,The Jews are a blood of people, He is pushing the age old lie of the ‘The jews aren’t a distinct people a religious one'. Kapner has duped many people with good intentions he has done this by showing the greatest enemy of the world as someone who can be changed through adopting Jesus Christ as their savior which has convinced religious people that Jews are not a race but a religion. Kapner also has a good way of summarizing information each video lasts about 5 minutes which is appealing to most people, and he comes off as hitting the nail on the head, But in reality he is mostly telling us things we already know.

Lies Kapner promotes:Jews can be saved through adopting Jesus
  • Jews are not a race, But a religion
  • Race has nothing to do with it, It’s religion
The title of Kapners website ‘’

The title of his website promotes the idea that he is a ‘Real Jew’  which in fact is true. He is a real Jew, (The people who we know as Jews today) But not the Jew in which he wants you to think, He wants you to think he is a ‘Noble’ Jew who has adopted Jesus Christ. Which is in fact deceptive because a Jew's characteristics come from DNA. Once a Jew always a Jew. Kapner has sucked in mainly religious people convincing them he is no longer Jewish, Sucking them into supporting the ongoing Jewish genocide of White people through miscegenation. We see his support of White Genocide very clearly in these excerpts from his website.

"Maybe Mexicans can become the new Americans and help revive Christianity”
– “Brother” Nathanael Kapner

“In thinking about our new demographics, perhaps today’s Hispanic baby boomers can revive what Whites have thrown away, our Christian heritage."
– “Brother” Nathanael Kapner

Notice how he says ‘Our Christian heritage'.’ This is not his heritage , But he claims this to trick you into thinking he is one of you now.

Excerpts from Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf:

'Thus, the Jew of all times has lived in the states of other peoples, and there formed his own state, which, to be sure, habitually sailed under the disguise of ‘religious community’

Jews are members of a people and not of a ‘ religion’ though a glance at the Jew’s own newspapers should indicate this even to the most modest mind'.

Rabbi Stephan S. Wise, Herald-Tribune, June 13, 1938: 

“Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race, and we are a race”.

If we look at Israel it’s clear to see that this is true, Where the Israeli Government is demanding DNA tests to prove Jewishness in regards to immigration.

Kapner pushes the age old jewish lie that Jews are only a ‘Religious group’. Jews use the religious group and often claim to to be white in the public media platforms to camouflage their true identity as the JEW. Jews are terrified to be seen as what they really are in the public eye, A JEW, This is their Number #1 fear which is why they have made ‘Jew’ a bad word.

Another example of a jew hiding his identity is, Joe Hilderbrand a Jew who runs rampant in Australia calling Australians racist meanwhile claiming to be one. This video clearly unveils the deception of Joe Hildebrand being a White-Australian.

On the SBS TV SHOW 'Dumb Drunk and Racist’ which he hosts starts with the intro: 
Hi, I’m Joe hilderbrand , and I'm Dumb Drunk and Racist, Why? Because I’m Australian.

Errrm.. Have you looked in the mirror lately?


Infact Joe Hilderbrand actually won the ‘Ugliest Jew Contest’ over at
He won a one-way ticket to Tel-Aviv!. Congradulations Joey Boy!

The word ‘Racist’ refers to a white person who is evil because he stands up for his own preservation. ‘Australian’ is a political correct way to refer to a ‘White Australian’ Sometimes referred to as an Aussie.

Joe Hilderbrand clearly insults White Australians calling them Dumb, Drunk and Racist. WHY? Because I’m Australian. This feeds into the lie that white people are inherently evil, By saying ‘Because I’m Australian’ He is saying because Australians are white they are dumb drunk and racist.

He is able to get away with such remarks due to hiding behind the cloak of the White Australian.

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  1. Thanks, John. This is a very important post. So many are deceived by the "good" Jews, who pretend to be on our side. They are not. They only pretend to be because some of them see what is coming and want to make sure they avoid it. So they try to join the winning team...

    And yes: we are the winning team. ;-)

    Happy Yule!