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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Jew Netanyahu sending America off into another war.

Jews are core reason for wars not religions!
Half truths or 99.99% truths must be shunned! and replaced with 100% TRUTH!

This is an important concept to understand, It is political correct today to say that religions start wars. The Jew wants to shift the blame off him onto another concept, he is able to evade the cannon fodder and put religion in it's place, which he despises with all his might. If the jew is telling a half truth or even a 99.99%  truth , It must be shunned at every corner and be replaced with 100% TRUTH!. Because it leads people down the wrong path, He captures people in his jewish spider web. 

Religion does play a part in war, The Jew understands these things and uses them to exploit populations. The true cause of most of the wars are started by Jews. Another factor which the Jew exploits is racial tensions. Take for example the integration of negroids into the white population into America during the 50′s. The Jew understood that this would create racial tension as no different species are ever meant to mix together, Nature tells us it causes destruction. We see this time and time again in nature. 

The Jew understands this but puts the blame on white people they push the notion that whites are inherently evil, That it's in our blood to reject other races. Which in fact it’s true! But this is another half truth, We do reject other races but this is not because we are inherently evil this is a natural survival instinct that is embedded within every species on the face of the earth whether that be humans,animals,mammals. The Jews are not called masters of deception for no reason.

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  1. I thought war was their religion.