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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Jewish 'Usury' in action: Every worker taxed a week's wages each year just to pay the interest to the Rothschild run Banking cartel

People in the UK spend a week working just to pay the interest on the national debt, new figures reveal.

Despite a return to economic growth, Britain’s debt mountain continues to grow with interest alone to rise by 50 per cent in just four years. The UK government owes a total of £1.2trillion, and paying the interest is expected to cost £72.5billion by 2017/18.

The huge sums spent on servicing the debt is equivalent to the total amount raised from council tax, fuel duty and stamp duty.

Chancellor George Osborne used last week’s Autumn Statement to insist better-than-expected growth figures does not mean that the country is 'off the hook'. But details of the rising debt interest reveals the impact on the tax bills on ordinary working people.

Someone earning £40,000 paid £708 towards paying interest on the nation’s debt, equivalent to six day’s take-home pay, the Daily Telegraph reported. People on £100,000 paid £2,487 or 10 day’s pay, while someone on a salary £15,000 paid £140 on interest, almost three days’ pay after tax.

Soaring national debt will see the charges rise markedly, with someone on £40,000 expected to pay £1,100 towards debt interest by 2018-19.

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