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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jewish Owned M&S tells Muslim staff they CAN refuse to serve customers buying alcohol or pork

Marks & Spencer has told Muslim staff they can refuse to serve shoppers buying alcohol or pork, it has been revealed. The chain has granted checkout workers in more than 700 stores permission to politely decline to serve customers for religious reasons. Instead, shoppers are being asked to wait to pay for certain items at a different till.

The policy highlights a divide among the mainstream food retailers over whether religious staff should be excused from certain tasks.

In contrast to M&S, Sainsbury's has told Muslim staff that there is no reason why they cannot handle goods such as alcohol and pork - even if they are not allowed to eat or drink the products.

A spokesman said the retailer's official guidelines - which see everyone treated 'fairly' - were written following consultations with religious groups, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

However, Morrisons - which is based in Bradford, where there is a large Muslim population - said it had a long-standing commitment to 'respecting and working around' workers' wishes not to handle certain products for religious or cultural reasons.

Meanwhile, Asda bosses have chosen not to allow Muslims who object to handling alcohol to serve customers on checkouts. And [Jewish owned] Tesco agreed it 'would make no sense' to employ staff on a till who refused to touch specific items - but said it treats each case individually, with no specific policy in place.

Last week, shoppers buying alcoholic drinks for Christmas at a M&S store in central London were asked by a Muslim checkout worker to wait to be served by another member of staff.

One customer - who wishes to remain unnamed - told the newspaper she was 'taken aback' by the worker's request.

'I had one bottle of champagne, and the lady - who was wearing a headscarf - was very apologetic but said she could not serve me,' said the customer.
'She told me to wait until another member of staff was available.'
An M&S spokesman said the policy of tolerance acknowledges the beliefs of other religious workers, including Christians and Jews. He added that the major retailer strives to promote 'an environment free from discrimination'.
In October this year, two Muslim workers won a discrimination case against Tesco after their bosses kept their prayer room locked.

Abdirisak Aden and Mahamed Hasan, both aged 27, were among a number of devout Muslim employees at the supermarket who had lobbied for a prayer room since 2006.In 2008, managers agreed to set aside a security office at the distribution depot in Crick, Northamptonshire, as a prayer room for Muslims.

But four years later, bosses set new restrictions on the use of the room which included keeping it locked when it was not in use.

Following an employment tribunal, Tesco was guilty of indirect discrimination - with the men awarded an undisclosed sum for ‘injury to their feelings’.

Great informative comment from The Truth Will Out (see comments section below)


  1. The argument in a nutshell.

    Jewish Tesco and M&S, introducing special privileges knowing that they will create huge resentment, misdirecting the anger not at the jewish enablers of the problem but the muzzie pawns.

    Back in the 70's/80's I remember an announcement in the local free rag that in order not to offend muslims all public displays of nativity scenes would have to be removed from outside the church and shops etc.

    At some local community meeting my parents attended, the large Hindu community from the newly destroyed far side of my town pointed out they had no objections whatsoever nor did the almost insignificantly tiny muslim minority have any opposition to it.
    At the time I thought they were all stinky pakis, through my state school conditioning it was introduced to me that there were many different strains of the Indian.
    Of course it mattered little to me at the time nor since, I was none too keen on any of them.

    Years later it would be discovered that the key MPs and legal experts involved in these decisions were all jewish.
    Quelle fucking surprise!

    Jesus Christ offends no one but the Satanic jew.

    Same with all the removal of symbols of Christianity during Christmas time across the Western world today, the news reports cite offending muslims as the reason the auto-response of the brainwashed goy is always "those fucking muslims changing our laws to suit them", ignoring the fact that it's not an association of muslim lawyers or their huge political influence of money and media power that pushes these changes subverting our laws.

    The hidden claw of the kike is behind every malicious scheme to undermine our societies.

    The muslims are just one tiny component of the many biological weapons the kikes have sent to destroy us.

    The juwes, while masters of the great deception must realise since the advent of the internet; we now in 2013, have the most easily accessible library resource since they took control of all our printing presses, radio, TelAviv-ision screens and public libraries.

    How long do they think they can keep up this illusion, their flaky fiction can only collapse under the colossal weight of all their filthy lies now being brought to light, if they thought the English as rash to boot them all out under King Edward 1st, just wait till they feel the wrath of the wronged and subjugated white man in the next decade.

    I find it peculiar that there are any confused patriotic whites who still seem to think the solution to all our ills is to target just the muslims [and for some inexplicable reason white Christian Europeans - take a fucking bow UKIP!] while keeping all the blacks and pakis yet maintaining the same jewish power at the levers of control who have been sending these biological weapons to our shores in the first place.
    Who will then use our armies to invade the few remaining zog-resistant Arab nationalist nations, creating even more radicalised muslims around the world and refugees that jewish subverted laws dictate we must take into our country.

    We can hack at the branches of the symptom all we want but unless we strike the very root of the problem, the branches will only grow back stronger.

    I hope I don't come across as racist or something but these parasitic nation-wrecking kikes have simply got to go!

    Only then can we even begin to sort out the rest of the problems they so concertedly created for us.

    I love/hate visiting this blog John, thanks for all you do in highlighting and recording the true crimes of our times.

    Anyway to prove that I'm not completely racist here's a rap track aimed for our younger generation of jew-infected negrofied whites and even for some of our more cultured readers too, quite a catchy little number too.
    Not all rap music is utter shit

    Delenda Est Judaica!

  2. The same splinter religion, different race. They will use each other when their 'enemy is mine enemy'. When the dime lands on heads, the real backlash will start. Both Islamic, Christian, and Jewish leaders are leading their own and us, down a path human reduction.