The 14 Words

Monday, 9 December 2013

Jewish Funded Alex Jones anti-Nazi Obsession

The link to this video was sent in by Madpiltzer a commenter to this blog


  1. This demonstrates why I get so annoyed by all my friends telling me Icke and Jones offer a gateway to the ultimate truth.

    The Judas goats objective is to muddy the truth.

    At least Alex Jones helps us all prepare by buying up all his survival gear he advertises on his show for when the nazi UFO's leave their moonbases, directed from the Vatican and start their attack on planet Earth...for an Islamic caliphate or something

  2. I'm hoping a real saviour will come from all our paranoia. If such a person does, he or she will have to endure much of the crap the Jones's and Ickes's have heaped upon themselves. Anyone, and I mean, anyone comimg to the fore, will have to produce a format that ends up with a real ultimation for our eternal enemy. In other words, an end to the one-sided banking, media, and 'rights' based bias, goading us daily. We need a road that opens up to a practical base from which we can operate, and a leadership/voice that acts and speaks for us white Europeans.