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Friday, 13 December 2013

Jew sentenced to 15 years for raping 8-year-old Jewish girl

50-year-old gets 15 years for violently raping 8-year-old schoolgirl in building basement. 'Try as we would, we could not find one thing to count in his favor,' judge says

Osher Argaman, a 50-year-old resident of Bnei-Brack, was sentenced on Wednesday to 15 years in prison for raping an 8-year-old girl.

The incident occurred in January 2012 in the shelter of the victim's apartment. The Tel Aviv District Court also ordered him to pay 50 thousand shekels as compensation to the victim.

The rape occurred at around 9 am, while the girl was making her way to school. She encountered Argaman at the entrance of her building and he was able to convince her to help him "move a cart out of the shelter."

As soon as they reached the door of the shelter, he pushed her inside, and then sexually assaulted her under verbal and physical threat. When the attack was over, he warned her keep quiet about it and gave her NIS 20.

The Court emphasized the child's age in its decision, along with the circumstances and location of the offense. 
"Her apartment building should be a safe harbor", the Court ruled.
"The dark and musty scene in which the crime took place intensified the feelings of fear and terror that had already overtook her.
 "All of these factors fatally harmed the minor's mental wellbeing and caused her damage from which she is unlikely to recover, and which will accompany her for years to come. The financial compensation, high as it may be, will not act as a solution for the damages caused to the victim".
 The judges report that 
"try as we would, we could not find one thing in the favor of the defendant, and furthermore, he has yet to take responsibility for his actions. Anyone who dares to do anything so despicable, so ugly and so base to a young child, anyone who desecrated her body, corrupted her innocence, scarred her soul and was so indifferent to her pain, should know that all these add up when a verdict is given".


  1. This is not natural kosher justice. Raping children is an integral part of jewish culture. We have to respect their barbaric, primitive Talmudic customs; in much the same way, as we have to accept that Congoids often engage in ritualistic, nutritious cannibalism. Slakhtal sexual proclivities vary; in New York, the Rabbis prefer more tender flesh, particularly young boys, eight days a week The kosher MSM report these victimless, crimes perpetrated on their own children everyday sic. Leecher--Leave our goyim kids alone.

  2. NIS 20? I thought it was a loony, disgusting Talmudic sexual act. So this is why he got 15 years--He paid her hard cash and never asked for change!