The 14 Words

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jew plans to hunt immigration critics in new TV show

The Jew Robert Aschberg launch of our new program on TV3 called Troll Hunters, where he intends to do home visits to Swedes who wrote anonymous comments critical of immigration online. Now, the poster for the program at the Schibsted-owned co. Depicts Aschberg posing with a baseball bat in his hand.

"When Aschberg has found them they get face to face with [him] to explain why they behave as they do and they must be held accountable"  
The press release where the image is posted says:
"The time is past when they're free to spread hatred online. The hunt has begun "


  1. Is the talking parasite going to Israel also? It looks to me, and probably others too, that the whole piss take is getting ratched up more than a little. Are they getting worried, or is this hatred of us, and showing it loud and proud, part of their 'round them up' agenda.


  2. Yet they feel no shame nor repentance for trying to extinguish the white race from this world.

    Hopefully they'll be meeting more than their match when the first few doors open and an even bigger uglier more remorseless white man answers back.

    Remember we Europeans are the one's being targeted for deletion, apart from not taking an openly defiant stance sooner, it is not us that has a single fucking thing to apologise for.

    6 million?
    If only but alas it's just a jewish myth.

    They'll soon wish our coming wrath were so kind.