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Friday, 20 December 2013

Jew Financed and Promoted Sodomites Declare Duck Dynasty Christian Views “Hate Speech”

Media goes beyond disagreement in push for chilling effect against free speech

Political pundits are now flooding the airwaves to not just disagree with Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson but to also declare that he is engaging in “hate speech” – setting a precedent for a future chilling effect on non-establishment viewpoints.

Duck Dynasty Star Condemns Faggotry, Faces Homo Wrath

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  1. It looks like the point being made, is his inference to gays and sex with beasts. Obviously, there was slight humor here, but the media and it's Zionist leaders want to crush all normality, so we could easily think if he said beasts, he meant blacks... Now there's humor for ya.
    Tree 33