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Friday, 13 December 2013

Israel's influence on American politics-American Dream

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  1. The Slakhtal Filfth Column Infiltrators.
    The omnipotent, criminal jew loves their American 'democracy' because the American electorate is fed on their never-ending propaganda and is duped into carrying out their self-serving agenda. The jew blackmail the greedy, degenerate politicians and swindle the naive, native taxpayer into financing their self destruction via. multi billion dollar aid to countless millions of Israeli Slakhtal suviva pan-handlers. Want to shut the jewish Filfth Column up? Just ask them why, like the gipsy, they never ever built a civilization? The more intelligent, inter-war Germans called their bluff! And their meteoric cultural/economic success put the fear of god into their scrounging, psychotic minds for eternity. The parasitic jew, instinctively knows, that they must have a beneficent host in order to survive; they also know when to move onto greener pastures. They have no love of soil; they were born filthy, destructive work-shy traitors and they always will be!