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Monday, 23 December 2013

Is anyone stupid enough to believe all this 'White Widow' Bullshit?

The Fairy Tale continues, if indeed this 'White Widow' does exist she is obviously employed by MI6/CIA as an agent provocateur serving the Jew World Order agenda.

The British White Widow is believed to be masterminding new terror atrocities from a training camp linked to Al Qaeda after she was seen fleeing on a camel into a snake-infested forest in Somalia.

Samantha Lewthwaite, 29, is suspected of helping to co-ordinate the attack on a Nairobi shopping mall in September which resulted in the deaths of 67 people. It is believed the terror suspect was transported in a 4x4 over the Kenyan border into Somalia where she has since been spotted four times.

The latest sighting was two weeks ago, when spies saw the mother-of-four riding a camel between training camps in Baidoa.

Lewthwaite, widow of one of the 7/7 London bombers, is now believed to be at a training camp hidden deep in the forest which is run by terror groups linked to Al Qaeda.

Colonel Yasin Hiro of the Somali National Army told The Mirror

'She has been moving by camel. We think she is in the camps. We hope the snakes and scorpions like her.'
The Al Shabaab terror group leader, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, first fled to war-torn Somalia after the Nairobi shopping mall massacre. According to the newspaper, she was then taken by boat to a remote beach before moving on to a hideout in Raas Kaambooni.

Lewthwaite was next spotted heading to Kismayo - a former terrorist stronghold - before moving on agian to Barawe by speedboat. UN official Guled Mohamed told The Mirror

'People in this very beautiful old ­Portuguese city are white skinned and blue eyed so she would blend well.'
Samantha Lewthwaite pictured before she was ordered to dress like a Muslim

The final sighting of the Briton was as she moved by camel to Baidoa where the Somali National Army is fighting approximately 8,000 terrorists. It is feared the extremist is using the base to plot more terror attacks.

Interpol issued an international arrest warrant for Lewthwaite after she was named as one of the prime suspects behind the Westgate Mall massacre in Nairobi in September. Lewthwaite is also wanted in Kenya for allegedly ordering the killings of two radical Muslim clerics, two Protestant preachers, and three others with links to Al Shabaab.

East Kenya police commander Aggrey Adoli said: 

'We believe Samantha Lewthwaite is behind these killings as well as a gang of others.
'We believe she is involved in ­recruitment of jihadists and propagation of Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda activities in the country with other like minded individuals. Once we apprehend Samantha Lewthwaite she'll have a lot of questions to answer.
'She is without a doubt an incredible threat to national and ­international security. We are working round the clock to bring her in to stop her causing more carnage.'
The officer said she is wanted on charges of 'murder and inciting Muslim youths to violence'
[Yeah like Muslims are going to take orders from a woman]

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  1. Anyone with Armed Forces/Intelligence knowledge, knows full well this stinks. I still have some buddies in three sectors of the military, all are saying the same things generally speaking.
    The whole thing is similar to the Black Muslim who killed Drummer Rygby, he was arrested by a UKSF squad, and MI6 tried to 'turn' him.
    This is a game to them, and the White Widow is being tracked, tagged, and the gov't is ready to either cut her loose, and we all know what that means, or she will be turned etc. The game changer will be seen in full, when the next big 'Western' atrocity takes place, and this will be sooner, rather than later.