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Monday, 30 December 2013

Infant-Felatiating Jew Rabbi ‘Accidentally’ Hacks Off Baby’s Penis

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2013

“The worst part is I didn’t get to suck it!” -Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg 
on the worst part about cutting off a baby’s penis

A disgusting penis-sucking Jew mohel, Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, is being sued because he cut off a baby’s penis during circumcision. The ceremony was performed at The Tree Of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill earlier this year on April 28.

Though it is clearly a medical procedure, using medical instruments, 
one does not require any sort of training or license in order to 
cut a third of the skin off of the genitals of an infant child.

From the Daily Mail:
The Huffington Post reported that the parents have remained anonymous to protect the identity of their son. The newborn baby boy had to be rushed to Children’s Hospital where doctors performed an emergency micro-surgery to reattach the dismembered penis.
CBS reported that the boy needed six blood transfusions and was hospitalized for two months. The delicate surgery took about eight hours long.
The baby’s microsurgery was reported ‘successful’, but whether or not the baby will have problems later on in life is still unknown.
Despite the gruesome incident, the rabbi still practices as a mohel.
CBS spoke with attorney David Llewellyn who handles cases pertaining to botched circumcisions by either a mohel or a doctor.
He spoke of how Bris services are usually unregulated.
‘There’s virtually no regulation of this any place in the United States that I know of,’ Llewellyn said. ‘I think the government probably should require some sort of training if this is going to be done.’
‘Your average pediatric urologist probably spends about 20 percent of his or her time repairing children who have been circumcised,’ Llewellyn told CBS.
According to Rosenberg’s website, ‘The Bris must be performed by a Jewish person who understands, upholds, and practices the tenets of the Jewish religion, and is specially trained to function as a mohel.’
Rosenberg claims he is well trained in circumcision and calls this case a ‘tragic accident.’
He also claims that receiving a Bris in a hospital may not be recognized under Jewish law.
The Daily Mail, surprisingly, goes on to explain the problem of penis-sucking rabbis.

Mayor Bloomberg has spoken out about medical circumcision following 11 herpes outbreaks in 2001 in New York in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcision ritual called metzitzah b’peh — or oral suction — in which the mohel puts his mouth directly on the newborn’s circumcised penis and sucks out the blood.
The mohel had transmitted herpes to the children.
Bloomberg wrote an open latter to mohel’s asking them to move away from the ceremony.
Can you imagine hiring a rabbi to cut a third of the skin off of your babies penis knowing that he had already lopped one off?

Jews are an entirely disgusting and vulgar group of people.

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