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Friday, 20 December 2013

In Der Fuhrer's Face

"Hitler did nothing wrong,

Hitler was a spectacular guy."

Now there's couple of statements I will stand behind gladly. Actually I am a bit proud to be able to say that 'Hitler did nothing wrong and that he indeed was a significantly marvellously spectacular guy'. Truly amazing. Yes, I am very proud to announce my loyal alliance with Herr Adolf Hitler's message to the World, what the Fuhrer said was right, so why fight ?

The most valuable thing I own today is all the understanding that I have gathered/been given on the way and the re-realisation on the value of real things as Created and intended - but even more so the ability to spot the true good from the $hite - anyone can, we just have to try harder! So with clear understanding Hitler is a big part of that and will be with me until the end of my days and way beyond, I know this because Hitler was telling the Truth and that is all I want, Truth. Hitler will never die or perish from this Earth and that is a comforting thought, we still have hope - We still stand a very good change. Act now.

What is it that You want ?
(or think you need...)

"To be Happy & Loved"; Is that enough for You - is that all You want ?
- Well You will not get it, none of it ever, not without Truth. The rest is all a lie.
But If however he, Hitler did lie; I would drop him, no questions asked, but he hasn't so I wont - So the ball is on your court - Kick it or Pick it ?

- If you kick it now, you are gonna have to run after it, wait for it to come back and then make a new decision when you get round to it again, then the game continues on and on as long as you are kicking & screaming, kicking & screaming. . ."FULLY LOADED 6 MILLION ARSE-ANAL OF 'YID ARMY, YID ARMY'!!"

- BUT, if you choose to PICK, the Game finally End's here and we Win, Truth prevails!! Simple!! Pick it up my luvies!! Pick up the Truth no matter what the 'sacrifice' you think you would be making, the reward is true Freedom!! (not the falsely advertised "Liberty")

Do you know what the message even was before you rejected it, already back then when we were kids ? Are you even a fraction of a Noble Man and able to admit if you ever were in the wrong about something or a another person ?

- Hitler could, he often admitted to to his few failings to spot the true liars and so in the end he realised that he was wrong about who is truly ruling this Earth - He Outed the true Guilty party, but will it all be in vain. . .

You decide my darlings, Truth vs Lies, come with me please and see the Truth for yourself's, you decide while I gladly hold open the door !! 

Try debunking it. . . Go find ONE lie or a criminal act from Hitler's file - You WONT find any, other than mindless propaganda & lies because he was no idiotic evil monster - The Media on the other hand is, 'The Chosen Guilty'.

- What are you doing that would even come near to achieving peace and harmony, as Hitler's work did ? How can you hate the man or not even wonder WHY I and so many millions (6) of others hold such an opposing view on the matter, they/ we regard him as a man of Honour and Truth. . . And what say you ? Does it not bother you that you were made dumb and does it not bother you that it has been made 'legal' to lie ?

Germany did not want, seek, need or declare any wars, ever. Humanity's ignorance to the facts will become our end, soon enough OR we can ALL Help and not just stand back and snare at the ones whom do and dare oppose the lies. The task is humongous, every Truthful voice counts, we are NOT in Go-vermin funded schools any more where you got slaughtered for asking or being interested, it is the opposite now - You will become the slacker and a moron if you do not look further... while all your glory school years some were pulling 9's & 10's from our examinations to show and evaluate how much of a stupid sponge Bob us and our kids have been moulded into!!! In your F.A.C.E.

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