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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

If this Blog disappears you know why

Stupid little brainwashed bitches like the examples below are ignorant and lobotomised beyond belief. If indeed they are what they profess to be and not 'Trolls' with false ID's working out of Israel (I have been getting a lot of hits from Tel Aviv Lately.

Wendy Cervantes 23 December 2013 23:51
I go to make google delete this blogger,only today i report you 25 times. on Kiss goodbye to you Heritage & Culture, you are becoming the 'minority' in your own land. Say hello to the multicultural nightmare and 'third world' conditions
Wendy Cervantes23 December 2013 23:43
you are angry because your girls love black dicks ? lol pinche pendejo jajaja
I am reporting all your post on FFS We need a left of centre 'Think Tank' to state the bloody obvious
Laura Downes Yes we've had this one before: 
hahahahahaHAHAHAHhahahaha I know that girl lololololol I think you are angry because your white girls love black dicks lolololol
hahahahaha your fucking white people love to be gays lol on FFS: FCKH8 or Fuck Hate, Gay Hate-Group to send 10,000 Coloring Books To Russian Children During Olympics
I am not white,you fucking asshole i am latina >.< on PROFILE of a Pro - Race Mixing SlutLaura Downes23 December 2013 23:14
you are a poor idiot,he is dead and he lose the war,the RED FLAG was sweet at the reichtag in 1945 lol like the jews say ; SHALOM YISRAEL !!! on He is Victory! - THIS BRILLIANT POST WILL REMAIN ON TOP OF THIS BLOG FOR A WHILE. SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWER ENTRIES
u r a fucking stupid too First who a fuck tell you I am white? you fucking stupid,I AM NOT WHITE I am " LATINA " !!! no fucking cracker or stupid white breed on PROFILE of a Pro - Race Mixing Slut
you are a fucking idiot,get a life on PROFILE of a Pro - Race Mixing Slut
I do not think for one minute that these fuck-up's are genuine people and in fact I find their ridiculous comments quite amusing, keep it up you little fucks and expect your sites/facebook shite to be bombarded with the same shit you are putting out.

Lets just make this perfectly clear:

Hail Hitler

Onwards towards Victory.


  1. John Hardon --I will give you one small tip, if you are ever pestered by the Slakhtal jew; simply ask them: Why the inbred parasitic jew never ever built a civilization? And if you want a really good laugh and shut them up simultaneously, just remind them as Eustace Mullins noted, when visiting an Oriental Museum in Chicago I believe; unlike the sophisticated: Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans et al.; the primitive jew independently, could never even produce a half-decent clay pot you could piss in.

    1. Hi Paul,

      it is no good asking them anything they are the seed of Satan and it is no good trying to entertain an intelligent conversation with them. The reason I posted that is to show the people that view this blog just how fucked up the Juden is.

      Pretending to be little girls from Mexico or wherever is an all time low, from my my 'webstats' I know that they are posting out of Tel Aviv so they are not fooling anyone..

      Thanks for your comment


    2. @John Hardon
      There's a good video out, that sums IsraHell's problems up in no time.
      called "Anti Racist Hitler" URL:
      Check it out and dedicate it to the "wanne-be-something-in-life but lack the know how.
      The comments from those sephardic ashkenazi mamzer ass clown melungeon red nigger faggot mongrel hybrid shit skin jewish femiNazi is pure hate. They want to live in a fantasy world (in which life is the way that they WISH IT WAS) as opposed to dealing with life the way it actually is.

      Ignore then, they’ll go away, and if they close you down . . . You’ll be back, stronger and more popular, it’s their kind who in reality through their stupidity open instead of close doors.
      Remember the age old saying . . . “Sticks and stones etc.
      Don’t let them get at you, their ignorance is showing and they know their time’s getting short.

  2. Most of our race are more of a danger to us then the niggers could ever be. Getting into an internet war of words with these helplessly indoctrinated youths is pointless and a waste of your time. They will understand the wonders of diversity soon enough. Keep up the fight brother!! 1488

    1. Yeah, thanks for your comment most appreciated. 88

    2. Yeah I agree, It's near impossible to debate rationally with idiots are can neither spell nor punctuate correctly. But hey, they're more than likely fetid kike agents anyway. So who gives ashit what they have to say right?

      And as always, taa very much for yesterday JH. Most appreciated.

      Give this a gander if you like... One from the reject pile..


  3. The key to their mentality, thus, their genuineness, is the use of the 'black dick' term. They are either Jew trolls, or typical leftist sickos. Their multi-cultural hell will a real one, and Israel will sink beyond repair one day.


  4. No matter what stay strong John. Even if if feels like we are all going insane.

    God is by your side.

  5. Dear john, i live in Flanders, Belgium and am a regular visitor to your excellent site and want to thank you for the excellent work you do. Here in Holland, we also have an excellent site:

    This is in Dutch and regularly I place my opinion about the creepy slimey "chozen ones".
    Doing this I have all sorts of problems with my Email and PC ...
    The dirty clan works day and night with all their filthy practices to eliminate the TRUTH of the internet, I hope they choke on their venom.

    Today, I want wish you and all your loved ones a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.
    Regards, gilbert

    1. Thank you for your valued comment Gilbert and a Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family. 88