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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Idiotic Jews Accuse Nig Footballer of being 'Anti-Semitic'. It will be anti-Semitic for the 'Goy' to breath soon!

Premiership star Nicolas Anelka's coach has stood by him after the striker made a 'racist' gesture today - saying claims that it was anti-Semitic are 'absolute rubbish'.

Anelka, 34, caused outrage by performing a 'quenelle' to celebrate the first of his two goals for West Bromwich Albion during their 3-3 draw with West Ham at Upton Park. The so-called 'reverse Nazi salute' involves touching the right shoulder with the left hand while keeping the right arm pointed downwards. Anti-racism groups say it is regularly used to bait Jews.

It was popularised by the firebrand comic Dieudonne M'bala M'bala - who is a friend of Anelka - and French authorities have been debating whether his performances should be banned.

But West Brom coach Keith Downing said former French international Anelka was 'totally surprised' by the furore he had provoked.

France's Jew sports minister took to Twitter tonight to condemn the Anelka's behaviour. Valerie Fourneyron said: 
'Anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred have no place on a football field'

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  1. Do not resist the tyranny is the message, it may have worked on the cowed and broken peoples of Europe but will the blacks listen?