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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hope not Hate: Fat-boy Collins Drops a Packet

The 5 Muslim women plotting up on Collins

News has reached Hope not Hate Exposed that Nick Nick £owles pet overweight homosexual and wannabe hard-man, Matthew Collins was confronted by a gang of angry Muslim women who took offence to Nick £owles using Muslim groups in an article he wrote in a bid to con more money out of the junkies, freaks and great unwashed who follow him.

Collins on the move

It's was reported that Collins was returning from a night out at the local gay bar with his boyfriend Abdul, the illegal immigrant from Pakistan and was just about to enter his grotty cockroach invested bedsit in Brick Lane.

Abdul, talking and taking shit

Collins and Abdul where surrounded by the gang of women just has they were entering the doorway, the women in full burka's confronted a shaking Collins, screaming at him and threatened to cut his nuts off, at which point Abdul chipped in that he ( Collins ) doesn't have any nuts unless it's when he ( Collins ) is beating up little old Indian ladies and stamping on their heads in libraries.

New sandals for Abdul

With the threat of losing his little sweet-breads, Collins had the mother of all bowel movements and defecated himself right there on the spot. Due to the amount of vaseline, Collins had been using down the gay bar, the poor unfortunate Abdul never stood a chance and is now in the market for a new pair of sandals due to his boyfriend Collins shitting all over him and the pavement.

Fat-Boy Collins hiding in the toilet

The stench that come out of Collins was enough to send the gang of women fleeing giving Collins time to make good his escape. Collins took off like a bat out of hell leaving Abdul standing there covered in a mixture of Collins excrement, semen and diluted Vaseline

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