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Monday, 2 December 2013

Greece: Jews Above Scrutiny: Because they are the 'Chosen ones'

The systematic forces of Bolshevism and capital, both who are united together in their media and from within the regime to denounce Golden Dawn’s blood drive for Greeks only , seem to have no opinion when others practice such systems. At the forefront in denouncing “racist” blood drives (and food distributions, and clinics, etc) have of course been the myriad of international Jewish “human rights groups”, as well, but these rules do not apply to them.

The hypocrisy was on full display when Communists, the ones who give nothing to anyone, blocked entry of citizens to a Golden Dawn blood drive last Saturday at a children’s hospital. The blood drive still happened, at another location, but the intent of sabotaging any effort to help fellow Greeks was noted.

What is curious, however, is the complete inaction by entrenched forces regarding another event that is “racist” by their definition. On the website of the Jewish community of Athens there is a Jews-only blood bank program. Surely, anti-racists will be immediately printing banners and going to their nearest Jewish blood bank to shut them down; of course that is unless their “sensitivity” is only reaction against the work of Golden Dawn and hence purely political?

The latter is true. The Communist hypocrite instigators had limited success thanks to the ministry of culture, Dendias, and the police force who refused to intervene against those who were actively preventing the operation of a hospital. The law in Greece is applied unequally, every time. The Communist Doberman’s of the system have no principles and do not cross their bosses, they only attack whoever the ruling coalition points them towards.

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