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Monday, 23 December 2013

FFS We need a left of centre 'Think Tank' to state the bloody obvious

Surge of Romanians 'could hit schools and hospitals': Fears migrants coming to Britain will put huge pressure of public services

Flooding the UK, the scum that the true Romanians don't want

Romanian and Bulgarian migrants coming to Britain in the New Year could put huge pressure on housing, schools and hospitals, a major report warns today.

The study by the centre-left Institute for Public Policy Research says most of the new arrivals will settle in London and the South East – meaning public services in these areas will be most affected. It warns that Britain could see an increase in anti-social behaviour, aggressive begging, rough sleeping and criminality from next week.

And it says David Cameron’s much heralded changes to benefits rules are ‘largely symbolic’ and will make little or no difference. The report will ratchet up the pressure on ministers ahead of January 1, when the remaining controls on working rights for nationals of the two countries will expire.

Mr Cameron has resisted calls to face down the EU and extend the controls, despite opinion polls showing huge public support for such a move.

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